Judge rules in Kari Lake trial

And it is NOT good news.

Judge Thompson’s ruling in Lake v. Hobbs, et al.


A Tale of Two Decisions

“No one commits election fraud because they have something good they want to do for the people once they get in office.”

– Seth Keshel

My thoughts on the two rulings likely from Judge Thompson, and what they mean moving forward.

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Election brought to trial to feign “due diligence” and hearing out the people

Expectation of a poor case presented by plaintiff

Easy ruling favoring defendants. 

– – – 

What happened? Plaintiff brought outstanding case and eviscerated defendants in court.

Defendant ruling still goes forward and the corruption is plainly obvious thanks to Lake’s outstanding legal team

They’re “all in” on the judicial corruption.

Thompson in short:

The laws were broken.

The election was trash.

North Korea has better elections.

But we can’t prove it was done on purpose despite pretty much every sign it was.

In case you were wondering what happened in AZ since the trial ended. 

Blackmail and threats – our judiciary is hopelessly corrupt. 

History will remember Judge Thompson as another empty suit filling a key position in a Late Republic.

To Caesar she shall go. 


THE SIZZLE – Certainly, there are lessons learned since 2020 that allowed for attorneys to argue the Lake and Hamadeh cases into a courtroom.  

Tracy “Beanz” has made the point that it is a mistake for anyone to allow election fraud cases into court if the end goal of a corrupt judiciary is to quiet all claims of election fraud.  The obvious fraud presented by Kurt Olsen and the Kari Lake team in Judge Peter Thompson’s court suggests to me that Lake v. Hobbs wasn’t allowed into court as a sort of “bone tossed to the dogs,” but rather was forwarded to trial because of injustice so obvious that it demands remedy.

I find it disappointing that Hamadeh’s team was unable to come up with a measly 511 fraudulently cast votes, and that his attorney folded like a cheap suit in court, sustaining a major PR hit to the election integrity movement.

By Radiopatriot

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    1. They are provoking citizens to wrath.

      This judge set the stage when he began rejecting evidence based on intent.

      Then he excused his treason by complaining no judge has made such a ruling in history. Hey! AssFace! How much president was ignored in Roe v Wade? How much case law was savaged in faggot marriage? The Face is no judge has had so much fraud presented to him and then ignored.

      This cannot be allowed to stand.

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