They are being publicly disrobed

According to the new Twitter Files:

The CIA has been holding regular ‘briefings’ with Twitter execs to direct them what to censor – especially on foreign news topics

And there are indications this goes on across US internet platforms 

We were never supposed to know.

–Jack Posobiec

Twitter censored information about Ukraine war, Covid

vaccines under direction from US intelligence agencies: Twitter


“One report says a site ‘documenting purported rights abuses

committed by Ukrainians’ is directed by Russian agents,” Matt

Taibbi reports in the latest Twitter Files drop.

Another Twitter Files Drop: Twitter and “Other Government Agencies”

This is a breaking story…please refresh page for updates as the Twitter thread unrolls. Another round of Elon Musk’s Twitter files were released on Saturday. The latest Twitter files were released by journalist Matt Taibbi on Christmas Eve.

1.THREAD: The Twitter FilesTWITTER AND “OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES” — Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) December 24, 2022

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  1. Merry Christmas and THANKS for posting this! Wow, ELON is a great dancer! What can’t he do? He is a STAR! I posted one comment on Twitter long ago, Trump Stuff, just a sentence… and was REMOVED for some violation…lol.. Now, Waiting to be reinstated, so would not have seen Elon dancing with a Box of Evidence Files! Love it! This message comes to you from the FROZEN TUNDRA that was once called Georgia. Cannot get warm in my home, even with my new HVAC System set on 75, warm coat, gloves, and fuzzy scarf wrapped around my head! Yikes! Wha’ happened???

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