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  1. Mr. Churchill was an intelligent – and crafty – man, and was skilled in his ability to manipulate the masses. Like so many other well-known figures and politicians he led a somewhat secret personal life.

    Fairly early in his adulthood he became friends with Oscar Wilde which may have been more than just casual. I had the opportunity to research Wilde with a friend at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England. Learned some interesting details about Oscar and Winston.

    If he had been around during their time the infamous child molester Jimmy Savil would have likely been in that circle.

    Gotta be careful who we put on a pedestal.

    1. Could it be those all-boy boarding schools (Eton, for ex.) that young and wealthy English boys attended during their formative and highly hormonal years resulted in a direct bearing on their predilection for an occasional same-sex tryst? Seems to be endemic throughout British upper crust.

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