Who’s making the movie? (Surprise ending…)

From Spitballer Dan Bly on Telegram:

PSA – 2023

Clear skies & Happy landings!

All that “you’re watching a movie” jazz…

‘Occurs to me – juss’me, juss’sayin – the ‘movie’ analogy is in the ballpark…but just. As in the bleachers. Not on the field or in the dugout. Not exactly my take…

A little epiphany that’s been sneakin into my forebrain – and hummin an ear-worm jingle over and over – is not about ‘watching’ a movie. 

Rather, we’re making the movie.

Whole thing. Screenplay, script, plot line, arcs, characters, sets, casting, locations…the whole banana. 

And even the most trivial ‘extra’ is Key to the story. The incidental barista, or the guy hurling a trash bag up into the truck, the “pc repair” dude- has a giant backstory, a hidden mission assignment and is making their individual crucial contribution that drives each plot twist to the climax and eventual conclusion. It’s a way complex movie. 

So, for the next scene, let’s review our scripts in the dialogue, see where our parts fit a little more clearly and watch closely for our cues. And then, just play the Hell out of our parts. 😉

Recall we’re doin’ our own stunts. Keep your jump-boots laced. 🪂 

Great digs and HAPPY New Year!

By Radiopatriot

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