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January 19, 2023

A constitutional crisis.

If the election is proven in court to be fraud/act of war then the government is illegitimate.

The military then takes over until a new government can be elected by the people.

That’s how I see it happening.

January 19, 2023

If the election fraud is exposed before 2024 then there will be no worries about fraud anymore and I think Trump knows that.

January 19, 2023


Trump was not kidding when he promised the best is yet to come.

We just got a taste of it while he was president. He created the best economy we’ve seen in a long time and that was under the constraints of a global debt system controlled by some corrupt elite families.

Wait till those shackles are removed.

We are going to experience financial freedom like never before.

January 20, 2023

I can only speak for myself Maggie so here are my thoughts.

I view things through this lens.

In my opinion Trump is not trying to figure out a way he can be reinstated as the legitimate president.

He’s trying to tear down the entire corrupt election system nationwide so we can replace it with one that protects the American peoples right to vote.

Therefore I don’t believe this has anything to do with decertifying enough states to get Biden below 270 so that the House can then vote him in.

That would do absolutely nothing to change elections in blue states.

We would still have cheating.

I also view things through the lens of the strategy that Q told us several times they are using.

Counterinsurgency guide.

The purpose of which is this:

COIN differs from other civil-military operations both in the methods employed and in the purpose of the undertaking. The PURPOSE of COIN is to BUILD POPULAR SUPPORT for a government while suppressing or co-opting insurgent movements.

Build popular support for government.

This is why the strategy takes years to implement. We have been fighting this strategy since the day Trump was sworn in.

Over six years now.

Here’s a link to my Substack on Counterinsurgency for those that missed it.


Because of this strategy I believe the election will be overturned by the courts who are the last defense of our constitutional rights and it’s important that they are once again prioritizing that which is why Trump made it a priority to flip the courts.

Nobody will be able to argue the courts are corrupt after they toss the election.

Trump just orchestrated the complete change in how the House does business.

It is now focused on doing the peoples business and protecting their constitutional rights.

And also part of the strategy is something most people don’t even realize is happening.

As Trump is off the stage he is also directing another play to restore our government in the eyes of the population.

Biden is a fake president.

He doesn’t control his own justice department. 

Trump does.

The DOJ under Garland is going to oversee a lot of prosecutions that will prove the DOJ and FBI are now clean and following the rule of law as Q told us.

All of this is why I have maintained my opinion that it will be the courts and the rule of law that will expose and overturn the election and it’s been the plan from the beginning.

The military will then uphold their oath as Q often said.

He also said, do you trust the chain of command?

Trump right now is a war time president.

He has leveraged Biden and is using him to expose everything to the Population which has been the strategy from the beginning.

Here’s my latest Substack on that too for those that haven’t read it.


January 20, 2023

He has actually said recently when he’s inaugurated and I think he has referenced several times that he will be president again.

Do we know the timing?

No, we’re all just guessing.

But 2024 is looking more and more to me as the time frame for the simple fact that the whole point of the Counterinsurgency strategy is to restore the faith of the population in their government institutions.

What better way to do that then to have the election exposed and arrests before 2024 then a “perfect” election minus all the cheating in 2024 setting the precedent for all future elections and where Trump wins 50 states?

The Chosen One

Turnabout Is Fair Play

January 20, 2023

I have never believed Biden would get removed by the 25 and I still don’t.

Trump said it would “haunt” him and it will because the media will soon be calling for it as they have to try and defend him.

This is NOT a democrat plan to remove Biden using the 25.

It’s a Trump plan to expose the corruption AND the hypocrisy of the media along with their constant lies.

How do I know?

Both Democrats and the Media knew NOTHING about this till the story broke.

No leaks.

The media was caught by surprise and are trying to spin it as not being as bad as Trump but they are being forced to cover it because it is a major scandal involving a criminal investigation.

The democrats are also coming up with lame excuses such as the classified documents were planted and Biden is being framed.

Total surprise to them.

If it was their PLAN to remove Biden using the 25 this would all be coordinated and they would all be singing the same tune, but they’re not!

As I said in my latest Substack (self promotion 😁)


Biden is leveraged by Trump and he will remain president until Trump’s plan to remove him happens, and not a day sooner.

Just my opinion though.

January 21, 2023

I think your thinking on this is off.

We were already at war with an insurgency before Trump was elected.

The moment Trump was inaugurated he became a war time president.

He wasn’t waiting for them to steal the election.

How do we know?

Q told us.

The military from day one of Trumps presidency were following the Counterinsurgency guide.

That’s their strategy.

It is mostly a civilian battle directed and coordinated by the military.

I wrote about it in a Substack.

Trump did not need to write a PEAD for us to take a war footing. We were already engaged in a real war.

An unconventional war mostly being fought in the media for the hearts and minds of the population.

That’s the whole focus of the strategy.

COIN differs from other civil-military operations both in the methods employed and in the purpose of the undertaking. The PURPOSE of COIN is to BUILD POPULAR SUPPORT for a government while suppressing or co-opting insurgent movements.

This phase is typically the LONGEST IN DURATION, lasting years or even decades. In COIN, establishing control over POPULATION GROUPS and POPULATION CENTERS is more important than control of the TERRITORY.

I think you are also missing another possibility that I believe is highly likely.

If Trump wrote a PEAD it was probably to set aside the election or as Jon has said for a long time, set aside the electors.

Remember, Trump and the military watched the election happening in real time and witnessed the steal while at the Kennedy Center.

At that moment the election was an act of war which automatically gave Trump authority to set it aside in order to uphold his oath to the constitution.

I don’t think people are thinking about the possibility that Biden is a fake president and because of our corrupt election system controlled by the insurgency that Trump is still the CIC.

Remember what Q said often.

Do you trust the chain of command?

Trump is on top of that chain of command today as our military is using the Counterinsurgency strategy against the enemy.

We are watching a movie.

Biden is an actor, not a real president in my opinion.

January 21, 2023

I don’t think Trump will be back soon and the reason I don’t think so is because some huge things need to play out while he is off the stage.

1) the dollar losing its reserve currency status which will tank everything. Ball is rolling on that.

2) The election system needs to be exposed and overturned. That’s a process that will take some time. Ball is rolling on that too.

3) Justice and some prosecutions need to happen under the Garland DOJ so that it isn’t connected to Trump and the media can’t say it’s all political. The ball is now rolling on that also.

But all of these things will take time and I believe will happen over the course of this year.

So if that takes us to 2024 then why would Trump come back before then, why not run in 2024 after the election system has been exposed and fixed in every state which will also take time.

Here’s what I think people are missing.

Trump doesn’t need to come back before 2024 in order to serve a ten year term.


He’s still commander in chief right now and controlling things.

It might not be obvious, especially to most of the population, but that is purposeful for optics. Trump must stay separated from everything happening PUBLICLY even though he is the one directing the play in the background.

In reality, he’s already in his second term with an illegitimate election and president and Trump will win 50 states and serve a third term but it will then be public.

All just my opinion though

January 21, 2023

It is a massively complicated plan and it’s not centered around Trump being back as president. That’s not the focus.

Trump is accomplishing everything he needs to while he is not publicly president.

January 21, 2023

Have you heard the term Government in exile?

It happens during war.

It’s the whole reason for devolution and COG.

Biden is not a real president.

He does not even have control of his own DOJ which is criminally investigating him.

He’s the president according to the media narrative which is exactly what Trump wants.

This isn’t politics.

It’s a real war and the rules have changed.

Unprecedented times that will be corrected in unprecedented ways which we are already witnessing.

January 21, 2023

It’s possible but Q told us a moment was coming which would be a shock and a precipice moment for most people.

We are supposed to be there to help them through that process.

It’s coming and I think this year.

January 22, 2023

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