Trump to be arrested. Giant head fake?

Trump getting arrested will set the precedent that allows Biden, Bush, and the Clintons to be arrested later. Everything they’re doing to Trump is by design and will boomerang on them, ultimately putting them behind bars. Watch closely. This sting will be breathtaking.


I think many people have moments of fear that this is a ruse. Re read the Devolution series and for sure don’t watch any msm or read false headlines. Step back and pray

“STORMY-y Daniels.” The storm is here. No coincidences.

Trump has at least been foreseeing this next major event for the last week, with the ramping up of “Truths”, the extra videos and rhetoric for the last week (plus the scheduled Waco Texas rally on the 25th) before this latest bombshell from him. He is just moving the chess pieces around the board. Orchestrated. Ready.


Another sting operation?

I actually think with Trumps “Truth” from a few days ago,

Donald Trump,

The person heading up the New York City investigation into the now ancient,  and many times debunked, Stormy “Horseface” Danials matter, is none other than top DOJ (D.C.) operative Matthew  Colangelo, one of Merrick Garland’s senior officials, who was quietly snuck into the local Manhattan D.A.’s Office so that DOJ could say they weren’t involved with this local persecution of a popular (75 Million Votes!) President. Who knows, though, maybe they’re there to make it legit?

Donald Trump.


My comment,

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling the the DOJ and Grand Jury going over this case are actually going after the District Attorneys and investigators over the “out to get Trump on anything” persecution of Donald Trump (in a way like Durham in his cases was actually prosecuting the FBI) and that this is just one giant head fake by Trump to get all media eyes and “we got him now” hype or even frenzy on this case next week. If I’m right this will be a sweet chess move by Trump.


Maybe Trump knows this is the last  “they are going to arrest Trump this time” opportunity. So he is playing up the media’s endless rumours of his ever imminent arrest for the world to see and to wake up any normies that have been asleep. So when nothing happens again,Trump and others can shine a light on the two tier, vindictive justice system and the frauds in the media.


Do not fear.


May God help us keep a level head and a strong heart. We ask God to watch over President Trump and protect him always. 🙏


He is calling for protests and back ups. He needs his base to let their voices to be heard. Respectfully, saying this is part of the plan is going to keep people on their butts. He’s out there taking all the arrows…. Uhhh … stop the plan part and help him fight!


Remember Patriots, if this wasn’t calculated into the plan he could have pardoned himself before he let the Resident move into the White House. Remember how defeated we all were on 1/20/21. This is no doubt part of the plan (the real criminals will never be able to hide behind running for POTUS as an excuse to not be arrested)  stay strong and positive we are all here for each other no matter how scary this gets. Protest (peacefully) show our support for the man who’s taking all the slings and arrows for us patriots. Just look at the Q deltas for Tuesdays date (don’t panic) god bless patriots.


Deltas for next Tuesday’s arrest of Trump date (March 21):

March 21, 2020

March 21, 2018

Oh, damn!!

So Trump posted on TS that he’s gonna be arrested on Tuesday… 

I’m so freaking nervous to find out

Morning all! This is your daily reminder that:

-Trump won BIG in 2020

-Devolution is real and he’ll be back, one way or another… HOLD ON, HE’S COMING


-The 2020 election was the CRIME OF THE CENTURY and THOUSANDS of people need to go to jail

-This is the calm before the Storm

-Roe V Wade is DEAD

Understanding>Reacting… the FBI raid on Trump was staged

-We are watching a movie… patriots are in control… grab your 🍿

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By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


    1. Logically it makes perfect sense.
      I wasn’t worried at all but I like the way you think.
      You have gained a follower on TS.
      God bless you 🙏

  1. Praying for what, what a stupid thing to waste time on, praying hasn’t saved 160,000 from being trafficked, only affirmative action is what saved anyone, god does not exist, alien DNA in every human, where was god there, the theory is irrelevant to unrealistic, 200,000 years humans have been here on this planet not 2000, and some fake time-line to assert some false profit and a book written in 1500s and if there were some god, he would have eliminated humanity 200,000 years ago, the waste that it is, killing its own kids to drink there blood, and harvest organs, and sick people having sex with the dead, not a dam thing done about, no prayer stopped that.

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