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Many of us are quite familiar with the Q messages. Some may have forgotten them. Others might not have ever read them, or didn’t understand the intent behind each one. Which is why we now understand what Q meant with the oft used phrase “Future proves past.” In the fullness of time, the view has become clearer. If you still need clarification about the sometimes somewhat oblique Q messages, let me know in your comment.

I’m re-publishing the Q drops from the earliest days — Nov. 2, 2017 to be exact, when Q gave us quite a bit of information – 29 “drops” – that had us questioning and analyzing and sharing ideas with each other about what it all meant. It was extraordinary! And fascinating to see now what the intended info was meant to convey to prepare us for the storm.

Here’s what Nov. 2, 2017 looked like on the Q board:

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