They’ve been tracking us

FBI Whistleblower Says the Vaccine Exemption Process May Have Been Part of an ‘Ideological Sifting’

“I even remarked to my wife at the time, ‘they’re building a registry of people who are outwardly religious'”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. With the type of evil the world is up against it should be common sense that they would track us.

    The rat-faced ‘governor’ of New Yorkistan is *still* trying to pass her law to put citizens in isolation (concentration) camps with these criteria:

    — No warning
    — No warrant
    — No hearing
    — No time limit
    — No constitutional rights

    I get my medical at the VA … I have no question my refusal of the Covidian jab *multiple times* is *clearly* on my record.

    “The storm is upon us.”


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