Distracted by the delight.

The city of Cocoa Beach is hosting an airshow this weekend, and we here next door in Cape Canaveral get to see and enjoy the rehearsals. I’m talking Thunderbirds screaming above and beyond us, ripping through the air with the loudest sound this neighborhood has ever heard, even shuttle and rocket launches.

These beautiful birds sing as they soar. Some fly so close-by I can see the wings shuddering left to right looking for perfect balance as the pilot (and his onboard computers?) keep them steady going nearly Mach1. WHOOOSH!

There are five of them — Thunderbirds — up as I write this, flying a diamond configuration, with what I’m guessing is a chase plane behind them. White darts against a blue sky making such a racket it could pierce your eardrums. Oh the joy! The excitement!

It’s a picture perfect day here too, blue sky and a smattering of high altitude clouds. A lovely day to go flying. Thank you, I’d be obliged.


When a quartet of ‘birds flew above me while outside, every one of the hairs on my arms stood straight and I resisted a salute at them. That’s America. That’s adrenaline.

The sky is alive right now, all manner of fighter jets screaming through the air. And guess what! While I’m watching the show today, I get to see it all over again right here from our breezy porch.

Life does give us gifts. We just have to be open to them.



By Radiopatriot

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  1. I have watched the Thunderbirds several times in my 30 year military and civil service career. Each time as breathtaking and exciting as the first. As Q says; enjoy the show.

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