“Nearly came over the table”

‘Weeks before 9/11, an angry New York FBI agent nearly “came over the table” at CIA officials who were blocking him from obtaining intelligence about two al Qaeda terrorists who would soon take part in hijacking an American Airlines passenger jet and crashing it into the Pentagon.

“Someone is going to die,” the counterterrorism agent wrote in a bitter email shortly after the 2001 encounter.

That astonishing account, and many others, are contained in a sworn declaration by Donald Canestraro, an investigator for the Office of Military Commissions, part of the Department of Defense’s Military Commissions Defense Organization. It is dated July 20, 2021.’

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. holograms, not real planes as we ALL believed when it happened….lied to AGAIN…..and the Pentagon was a missile, not a plane…..Bushes, etc know all about this….of course all claimed to be “conspiracy theories”, until they are not….our own government is our enemy and has been for decades now….we’ll all know the truth very soon….

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