White Squall

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The Significance of White Squall

An Exploration of One of Q’s Most Famous ‘Comms’

written by American Hypnotist 

A Storm is Brewing

Trump is a master persuader. 

When he spoke cryptically of the “calm before the storm” during a signing ceremony mere weeks before the first Q drop, he knew that the mainstream media (MSM) would go into a frenzy trying to paint him as “crazy” over it. In the martial arts style known as aikido, the goal is to use your opponent’s force against them, and that’s exactly what Trump did by making that comment—he knew he could count on the MSM to boost the signal he wanted to send to the world, that a storm indeed is gathering on the horizon.

Ironically, if the MSM didn’t behave like predictable NPCs, then maybe they’d stand a chance against him. Too bad for them—and lucky for the rest of us—that they appear unable and/or unwilling reign in their own hubris. Though they hate Trump with a passion, in many ways they are responsible for giving him the power he now wields in the culture war. All they had to do was ignore him, but they simply couldn’t help themselves.

It’s no coincidence that his comments regarding an oncoming storm were made right before Q appeared on the scene, confirming for all of us that, yes, a storm is coming. 

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