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April 25, 2023

What is constitutional in wartime?

What has the Supreme Court held up as constitutional?

What powers did the founders give to the president in time of war?

The president has the power to do what he needs to do to save the Republic.

If that means setting aside an entire election in order to save the republic then he has the power to do it.

You underestimate Trump’s wartime powers which is why you cannot accept that the rules have changed.

Trump can set aside parts of the constitution in order to save the republic.

Upheld in the SC several times.

But none of us know if or what Trump has set aside.

That’s a given right now.

We are all just spitballing.

I will argue that the election itself was an act of war and unconstitutional which gave president Trump as a wartime president the power to set it aside legally.

The electors no longer mattered.

That would make Biden a fake president in order to set up the biggest sting in history as I’ve been saying for awhile now.

The difference here is that Trump had made elections critical infrastructure and put the military in charge of protecting them.

They saw the massive cheating in real time on the night of the election and have the evidence.

That night they knew it was an unconventional and illegal election.

We were already at war with the insurgency.

Biden is a fake president.

First Republic Bank stock is collapsing.

Now down about 50%

Down close to $8

Average daily volume for First Republic Bank is around 29 million shares traded daily.

Today it’s at 183 million shares and it’s down huge!

This is what a panic sell looks like.

This bank is broke.

The Fed which Trump controls, unleashed inflation on Biden.

Lion One Metals (LOMLF) is having a great day today even though most gold stocks are down.


Massive drill results.

Not just high grade gold but “bonanza” grade gold.

Trust me, this is a train you will want to have a ticket on.

This big news is only the beginning.


Follow up to Tucker Carlson leaving FOX.

We all know the importance of the First Amendment and having an honest, trustworthy and truth telling press.

Trump himself has mentioned it several times.

CNN has been going through massive changes over the last few years.

CEO is outed.

New CEO comes in and starts firing all the leftwing nut jobs on CNN.

But why was this happening?

Because CNN was losing money?


They’ve been losing money for how many years now?

It never mattered before.

I believe something much bigger is happening.

This is war.

What happens to media companies that knowingly commit treason?

Doesn’t the military have the power to completely take them over in wartime and especially if they’ve committed treason?

What if it’s already happened?

I believe it has, which is why we are seeing a complete revamping of the media.

Tucker Carlson going to CNN would instantly begin the process of transforming that news network.

What has Trump done so many times?

He’s turned the enemy’s greatest weapons against them.

The Fed/Dollar.


What about CNN?

Are they next?

I believe the table is being set for the storm which is the entire media in unison reporting on the enemy’s crimes.

We are witnessing it fall into place and I believe this has all been planned and timed.

Tucker Carlson leaving FOX

I think most people are missing what’s actually happening.

While everyone is focused on FOX and the things that are happening there, they have lost sight of the big picture in this war.

There’s another big network that has been making big news over the last few years.

They have been busy cleaning house.

I am going to make a prediction that CNN is going to sign Tucker Carlson.

Trump, behind the scenes, is forcing a transformation of our big media.

It is going to go back to reporting real news and the truth.

“Competition” is what breeds good news reporting and truth telling.

Trump is making the media great again and CNN is a big part of it.

There will still be an actual currency for those that want to hold it. It will now be backed by gold instead of nothing. It will no longer lose value.

As for going digital?

The whole world is going digital and for good reasons I mentioned in my last Substack.

In that Substack I also mention Dorsey and his Square app with card reader.

You can already do a garage sale without using cash by plugging the reader into your phone and swiping a card. The app makes it easy and convenient for bookkeeping too.

This instant transaction and convenience along with blockchain technology keeping transactions honest is where the future is.

Nobody is saying Congress should drop the investigations.

Their investigations are important for informing the American people because they are our representatives.

But the reason they are able to get the evidence now for these public investigations is because the investigations that have been happening since Trump was sworn in by people in the background have now concluded in several areas which allows for grand jury evidence to now be seen by Congress.

Everything is planned and timed.

371,000 sealed indictments did not come from Congress and are evidence that a massive investigation has been happening for years.

Two separate fronts in the same war.

Nobody said it was either or.

Market update 

This week is a huge week for the market. A large percentage of the companies in the S&P 500 report earnings this week.

“Good news” is the only thing that can keep the rally going but it looks to be running out of steam.

It looks like the ceiling is in to me.

If this is a down week then the rally is over and the market crash may happen sooner than I expected.

Might begin before the dollar loses reserve currency status.

I don’t think Congress role in this is to do the prosecutions, it’s to investigate and present evidence to the normies, forcing the media to cover it.

There is a massive RICO case happening in the background and it’s been happening since at least 2017 with over 371,000 sealed indictments. Those aren’t sealed indictments from Congress.

They are from Special Prosecutors.

The reason exposure from Congress for the normies is so important is because when the prosecutions happen, we need the population to understand why these prosecutions are important and deserved in order to make the permanent changes for our future in order to preserve our constitutional rights.

Real justice takes time, especially in an ongoing conspiracy of treason.

The ball is clearly rolling in my opinion and nothing will stop it.

It makes total sense to me.

Biden is not president, he’s an installed dictator by the cabal we are at war with.

He’s tried to act like a dictator but devolution, COG, shadow presidency and the courts have kept him from destroying the country.

He has literally lost every single lawsuit against his EO’s.


He’s not a real president.

I’m not a fan of his for various reasons.

The main reason is that I don’t watch any right wing panic pushers that don’t know anything about a plan by Trump and the military that Q told us about and gave hundreds of proofs that is happening.

They only give one side of the story and it’s always the same old song.

Every day it’s about how Biden is destroying the country and we’re losing every day.

I choose to get my news from people with discernment who are looking at both sides.

There’s plenty of evidence that there is not only a plan but we are also winning hugely.

The right wing media serves its purpose which is to help turn the normie population against the enemy but I don’t get any real info from them. I have better sources and my own discernment.

I can only take so much of the message every day that we’re losing and all is lost.

I think the opposite is happening and I make that case all the time in my spit balls and Substack articles 

My wife watches Bannon daily as millions of others do which I have no problem with. To each his own.

But I will say this, the last time I watched was on my day off and he was talking about the democrats cutting ties with Elias.

Bannon said we should get that guy on our side because he’s a winner and tough lawyer and I said “bull_hit!” I don’t want no traitor that has committed treason on my side. (NOTE: I HEARD THAT EPISODE AND BANNON WAS JOKING ABOUT GETTING ELIAS ON OUR SIDE. BANNON WAS NOT SERIOUS. JOE’S INTERPRETATION OF BANNON’S COMMENT IS WAY OFF-BASE).

Elias is the very reason we are in this war. He needs to be in prison, not working on our side.

Made me sick.

I’m done watching him.

He wants to win the election and thinks that’s the most important thing. It’s just politics to him but I see things differently.

It’s a war, not politics and winning an election is less important than winning the war.

All just my opinion of course.


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