Punished for truth telling

2. While reading an endless sea of #TwitterFiles, one request to censor alleged “Covid misinformation” stood out: Tucker Carlson. Tucker is now in the news after Fox announced his departure.

3. A Twitter employee emailed colleagues in June 2021 to inquire if a Tucker Carlson op-ed for

@FoxNewsOpinion should be flagged for COVID-19 “misinformation.”

4. Twitter then punished Tucker Carlson for this op-ed. Tucker actually cited the World Health Organisation’s own website which stated that the WHO was NOT recommending children get the COVID vax.

5. When I looked back at the WHO website, I found they stealth edited their page to remove this passage stating they did not recommend kids get vaccinated.

6. After Twitter began reviewing Tucker’s op-ed for alleged COVID-19 misinformation, an employee emailed that they would take action by “labelling any tweets linking the article.” #TwitterFiles

7. Twitter officials also discussed looping in top Twitter execs, such as the general counsel, due to the “political risks” associated with such actions. Yoel Roth agreed with this approach to “escalate.”

8. One employee chimed in to explain various options Twitter could take that would affect the op-eds reach, without directly censoring Fox. There were various choices.

9. Tucker Carlson would have never known this happened, but when Twitter held a meet and greet months, later, they wrote of Tucker’s producer, “[I]t was pretty apparent from the get-go we understood the very different goals we have at work.”

10. BTW, the Twitter official who first brought Tucker’s article to attention came to Twitter from the office of Senator Chuck Schumer, a frequent Tucker critic.

11. Much thanks to


who helped collect and organise #TwitterFiles. I love San Francisco, but we read and read, until our eyes bled. More #TwitterFiles to come!

12. Read more on Twitter’s censoring of Tucker Carlson at


“WHO Censored Itself on Vaccines to Help Twitter Censor Tucker Carlson” https://disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/twitter-files-who-censored-itself Bird factory secretly clipped Tucker’s wings

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  1. I’m sometimes embarrassed to be a woman with all of the “Karen’s” tattling & complaining. Add in Demoncrat Idiot Women who toe the line……I almost cringe before i read the name!

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