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From a Spitballer:

“A friend called last night to say Alex Jones was talking about the Texas Mall shooter. I tuned in to just in time to see 1 photo of the dead gunman with visible gang tatoos. 

But then Pete Santilli came on and they discussed how these shooting are known by the the intelligence services and being perpetrated by the Cartels.

Then things got very interesting.

Santilli was saying that (when) our deep state intelligence members need to discuss nefarious activities like election fraud, they do so on child porn chats and video game chats. 

What made this extremely interesting is that Patrick Byrne has said that he got his hands on a laptop belonging to Marc Elias…and it had child porn on it.

He turned it over to the FBI and they repeatedly asked if he made a back up, to which he answered that he did not. 

However, after that he was concerned that the Elias laptop might suffer the same fate as the Hunter Biden laptop. 

Byrne called his source (assuming he’d first made a copy before giving it to Patrick) and had him make him a copy. 

That copy sits securely in another non Five Eyes country. 

I’m assuming that Patrick has told Grassley about this. 

This is going to get good.

Who is Mark Elias?

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has decided to end its relationship with well-known Democratic lawyer, Marc Elias, according to sources who spoke withPunchBowl News on Tuesday. 

The split comes as a result of strategic disagreements between the two parties.

Elias has served as legal counsel for the DNC since 2009 and his firm, the Elias Law Group, represents all of the major Democratic entities in Washington. Despite this separation, he will continue to work with several Democratic senators and members of Congress.

Elias is known for what he refers to as the “Democracy Docket,” a collection of voting rights challenges across the country. Elias claims that he has taken on 45 cases in 18 states as part of the Democracy Docket. He has a reputation for winning such cases, which has angered Republicans.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, the DNC paid Elias’ firm nearly $2 million during the 2022 cycle, while the law group has already earned approximately $100,000 from the DNC this year.

A spokesperson for the DNC, Ammar Moussa, thanked the Elias Law Group for its years of service to the party, saying that the DNC works with several law firms on voting rights litigation, compliance, and other legal matters.

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