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Wexner, Maxwells, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed

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🔥NOTE: I can’t vouch for nor verify the claims made in this video report. I present it to you for your own assessment.Radiopatriot

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We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

This is a condensed version of the three hour phone call between survivor Maria Farmer & investigative journalist Whitney Webb. I’ve included all of their discussion relating to Mossad, Mega Group, Les Wexner, and Israel. These are the key pieces of information that the mainstream media won’t touch and is in fact complicit in keeping this decades long blackmail operation continuing. Jeffery Epstein was not the head of the snake, he was only mid management and was assigned by Israeli Intelligence to work for Ghislaine Maxwell in the 80’s, who reported to billionaire Zionist Les Wexner.

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  1. The video above was no longer available. Just thought to let you know. Thank you for being such a wonderful source of real news Mary.

  2. I’ve suspected Bibi for quite some time. He’s been head of the Mossad for years and some of his ‘students’ were on the two closed floors of the Twin Towers ‘doing renovations’ not long before 4.000+ people were murdered.

    I had a strong feeling that it was *not* due to a ‘great relationship’ when our President in exile said Israel would be saved for last.

    There are Jews and then there are the Khazarian Jew-ish. I’ve stated before (early last year?) about that.

    They won’t go down easy, it’ll likely be ugly. They’re still going down.


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