Ben Harnwell’s Letter from Rome – LYING MSM CAUGHT LYING AGAIN


The MSM — and importantly for the point I’m making today, their pet pollsters — aren’t journalists. They’re activists. Not in the conventional sense — as in partisan (though they may also be card-carrying members the Democratic Party) — but as in they have an agenda that comes before everything else — and this agenda is to protect “the system”.

Their role is always to act in such a way as to promote, long-term, the system through which their billionaire proprietors obtain — and maintain — their wealth (and thus power).

This system is not the ordinary, decent, free-market capitalism that gives the regular guy the best chance of getting ahead in life through hard work, enterprise and dedication.

No. The system our sociopathic overlords — and their vassals in the MSM — are protecting is the one which has been gamed in their own favour, allowing them to hoover up all the wealth generated through free market enterprise for themselves and leaving the regular working guy shafted and dependent on two jobs just to arrive at the end of the month.

The only serious challenge to this system is that posed by the various populist-nationalist movements around the world.

We see the evidence for this every time an election looks like returning a populist-nationalist to office — the pollsters go on overdrive with their established routine of deception.

The MSM isn’t in the business of impartially reporting facts and letting people decide for themselves what they want to think — it’s in the business of proactively shaping the way its hapless, lobotomised readers and viewers receive the news.

Put more bluntly, the MSM tells us what to think.

And people subliminally allow themselves to be guided in what to think on the basis of what they imagine other people to be thinking.

And this is where pollsters come in.

Pollsters have an essential role to play in manipulating how people receive news. They tell us — or they claim to tell us — what everyone else is secretly thinking.

This is why they always underestimate the strength of the populist-nationalist candidate in any election.

By Radiopatriot

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