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June 1, 2023

The gold isn’t going to be taken away again. I believe Trump is purposely setting up a showdown in the courts between the states and the federal government over not just the definition of money but the rights of people to hold the only legal tender, which is gold and silver.

I think the SC will revisit the Legal Tender cases and the Gold Clause cases in order to prevent the confiscation in the future.

June 2, 2023

Trust me. Risk is high.

What’s coming will change the entire global financial system.

It will effect everything financially including the market.

The panic crash will happen when people realize the dollar is no longer the reserve currency and is worthless compared to gold backed currencies.

The process is already happening.

Countries around the world are openly announcing that they are dumping the dollar and no longer fear the consequences.

This market high is just like a drug addiction.

It’s a debt system.

They just increased the debt by 4 trillion.

That money will be used to keep inflating all the bubbles.

But when no country wants to purchase your debt because you’re inflating it away, they’ll stop buying it and the dollar crashes.

Everything will crash because everything is denominated in dollars.

June 3, 2023


Now can you see why I say that Trump controls Biden (leveraged)?

They thought they could steal the election and take back the most powerful position on the planet in order to protect themselves.

But they walked right into the trap.

Trump helped get Biden the nomination on purpose knowing he would allow them to steal it so the worst president in history could expose it all.

Devolution and COG stripped Biden of any presidential powers to protect them.

They know it and are awaiting the hammer to fall.

They all know it’s coming and that’s why Q said NCSWIC!

Today’s NYT:

Oil has been tied to the dollar since we got off the gold standard.

Can you see what’s happening?

Can you see that the world is moving quickly out of the fiat dollar controlled system of the cabal?

Oil prices have always been a trigger for economic chaos and it’s setting up that way again.

The world is building the energy system outside of the cabal’s control right now.

Set aside all the media narratives of who our enemies are.

They were always lies.

Our real enemy is the same enemy of China, Russia, Iran and Iraq.

The world’s enemy is the cabal of elites that have controlled oil and used the fiat dollar to do it.

The days of the cabal’s control are quickly coming to an end.

By Radiopatriot

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