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Just Human: “Con Inc just got called called out by 4th Psyop” ๐Ÿซก๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
“This is the post from Benny Johnson warbling on about Biden being useless etc etc and posting the 4th Psyop Ghosts in the Machine Psywar vid completely missing the points in the video.”ย 

Watch the first few minutes of last nightโ€™s Devolution Power Hour.
Jon, BB, and Kyle break it down gloriously.

Begin video at 7:07 mark for a twenty-minute discussion by Jon Herold (“Patel Patriot”), Kyle (“Just Human”), and “Burning Bright” during the Devolution Power Hour about Benny Johnson’s take on the “Ghosts in the Machine,” and why they think Benny is wrong in his assessment which was covered earlier today on Bannon’ War Room.

Conversation about it ends at 27:35.

This Tweet by the 4th PsyOp group has to be soooo satisfying for them..!
Bravo fellas!!!

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  1. The 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne), the group behind the “Ghost In The Machine” Recruitment and Retention Videos, posted on their Twitter account a reference to the publication “Army Special Operations Forces: Strategy”
    4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne)
    Great read to outline what PSYOP actually does and how we are able to meet the Commanders intent.
    Here is a link to the 20-page PDF:

  2. Sorry, but I’ve been hearing “things are about to get crazy” for about 3 years now. Still waiting…

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