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The British Cabal The Top of the Pyramid

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There are many players and many levels to the Deep State Cabal. If you consider it all a puppet show and we as the audience, there is the puppeteer, the strings, and the puppet—or one could call it the dummy. All work together in unison to entertain the audience, or in our case, indoctrinate, manipulate and control the audience.

As the audience being entertained, or manipulated or indoctrinated, we tend to focus on the puppet. We are able to convince ourselves that the dummy or puppet is not being controlled with strings, and that there is no puppeteer controlling it. 

With most puppet shows, the puppeteer is intentionally out of the audience’s line of sight. Without being able to see the puppeteer, it makes it easier for the audience to suspend their disbelief. By suspending our disbelief, it is easier to accept what we are seeing is real.

If the puppeteer is skilled enough, we might start to believe we aren’t even watching a dummy, but in fact, a free-thinking, living being.

The Cabal could be viewed as a circus as well. Circuses are led by a ringmaster. The ringmaster’s job is to introduce the circus acts to the audience, to maintain control and the flow of the circus.

The acts themselves can appear very disjointed, and don’t seem to have a real connection with each other. The lion tamer may seem to be somewhat connected to the other animal acts, but very disconnected to the strongman, or the trapeze artists or the clowns.

The knife thrower may seem similar to the juggler, but not connected to the bearded lady or the contortionists. 

Somehow these acts that come from all walks of life and seem very disconnected are invariably connected under the banner of the circus, through the skilled hands of the ringmaster. It is the ringmaster’s job to make it all seem cohesive.

While these acts seem to work completely independent of each other, their true goal is to support the circus as a whole. The ringmaster may seem insignificant, but his role is of vital importance to the success of the circus. 

I have argued and will continue to argue that the British Cabal are the true puppet masters; they are the ringmaster of the circus. The British Cabal, these Satanic elites, coordinate many operations under their control that don’t seem to have any connection on the surface. The ultimate purpose of these many coordinated Deep State operations and organizations is to give the British Cabal control—control over money, control of resources, control over the people.

While most are focused on the puppet in the puppet show, some notice the strings, but most never see the puppeteer. It is designed to be this way.

The British Cabal are Satanists and Satanists come from all walks of life. 

Many people wrongly view the Deep State as some cohesive unit, where everyone’s motivations and goals are exactly the same. In some cases, groups within the Deep State don’t even know they’re being manipulated from above. In some cases, groups within the Deep State are at odds with each other, not realizing they are being used by the puppet masters to achieve their ultimate goal. In yet other cases, two groups within the Deep State might pretend to be at odds with each other. It can be confusing at times.

As with the circus, the Deep State has groups that on the surface, don’t seem to mesh. But just as the ultimate goal of the circus acts is to support the circus as a whole, the same can be said with the groups within the Deep State: their ultimate goal is to advance and protect the agenda of the British Cabal, knowingly or unknowingly.

Continuing to look at the Deep State as circus acts, you have Hollywood, the media, corporations, DC—both Republicans and Democrats—the CIA and FBI, the Military Industrial Complex, both Mossad and the Muslim Brotherhood, the CCP, the former Soviet Union, the American Communists, and the list goes on and on.

Cohesiveness can be hard to find, but the ringmaster—the British Cabal—finds a way to choreograph it all to suit his interests.

A guy like Obama could be a puppet of the CIA, but could also have an allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are both controlled by the British Cabal. Hillary Clinton could have an allegiance to the CCP, but her handler, Huma Abedin could have an allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary’s husband Bill is a Rhodes Scholar, hinting that he could be directly controlled by the British Cabal. 

As Joe Biden said in his recent speech in Connecticut, “God save the Queen, man”.

Biden and his family seem to have side hustles going with everyone, as did John McCain.

Biden’s excessive abuse of power for profit has left the Cabal more vulnerable than ever. Bush Jr. and Sr. were possibly controlled by the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex—both themselves controlled by the British Cabal. 

Where there’s a Democrat, a Neocon or RINO, there is likely a politician being paid to push an agenda. In some cases, there is division within a group that exists to support the Cabal. Within the FBI and CIA, there are anti-Communists and pro-Communists, with one faction of the group trying to end the spread of Communism throughout the world and within the US, while the other has the opposite goal. This dysfunction plays well in creating an illusion that everything is in fact just random, and nothing is coordinated.

It also shows that not everyone within the Cabal lines up perfectly on all issues. If you look at American politics, I believe there are politicians who truly want to fight for conservative values, while others are genuinely fighting for liberal values. But there are probably more who are just posing as one or the other, and care only about the ultimate goal of control through chaos.

An interesting case of a group being divided and having completely opposite goals within that group is the FBI. We all know about how the FBI, or rather factions of it, have worked with social media companies to censor Donald Trump, Trump supporters, and other conservatives. We know how factions of the FBI have covered up the crimes of the Cabal, such as Biden’s family and everyone involved with Jeffery Epstein.

Many also know that the longtime head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover was gay, and liked to dress up in drag, which made him an easy target of black mail by the Cabal. But what about MLK Jr.?

There is a lot of evidence to bolster the idea that MLK Jr. was supported by the American Communists. He was financially supported, his rallies were organized, and the Communist-run press was used to promote not only MLK Jr., but the Civil Rights Movement in general. It is said the Cabal wanted to bring Communism into America through the African American community. They thought Blacks would quickly and easily take to Communism in America, but it all fell apart.

MLK Jr. started to fight for racial unity within America and began to speak up against the Vietnam War. He quickly became a massive liability to the Cabal. The Cabal couldn’t have an anti-war, anti-military industrial complex, anti-division leader gaining influence. The FBI blackmailed MLK Jr. through his infidelity, but eventually, they had to coordinate his assassination because their original plan had fallen apart. Americans were coming together, they were starting to reject the war, and Blacks were starting to find their voice, none of which the Cabal could afford to have happen.

With Blacks starting to stand up to the Cabal-controlled US Government, the FBI infiltrated Black political groups and created fake groups to instigate acts of violence, which was blamed on the Black political groups; this lessened their support within the Black community and America as a whole.

Some reading this want to believe MLK Jr. was all good and some want to believe he was all bad. 

‘He was uniting the country; he must be good.’ 

‘He was supported by the Communists and cheated on his wife; he must be bad.’ 

‘He was killed by the FBI; he must be good.’ 

‘He was a Christian pastor who said he didn’t believe in the virgin birth, the resurrection, or that Jesus was the Son of God; he must be bad.’ 

‘He preached Jesus as an example to live by; he must be good.’ 

In my opinion, it’s complicated. I believe God can use anyone or anything to do his will. Some people say they can’t get behind Trump because he was once a womanizer. Whether or not this is true, people change, and again, God can use anyone to do his will.

As with what happened with MLK Jr, sometimes the Cabal’s plans backfire on them. One could argue Covid backfired on the Cabal Elite. In a desperate attempt to wrestle back control from Trump, the Cabal risked everything. They risked average people waking up to their control and manipulation through the media, government agencies and the health industry in general.

Today, more and more people refuse to trust the same people they once trusted wholeheartedly. Today, fewer people trust vaccines in general, or doctors’ medical advice, or the medical industry as a whole. More and more people are starting to realize when it comes to the health industry, we are consumers. As consumers, it is in the Cabal’s best interest to keep us sick, but alive. 

Now let’s dive specifically into the British Cabal.

Let me ask a question: do people really believe our forefathers risked everything, life and limb, to fight against a tea-tax? Or do you think it was much more than that—that the British were actually much more sinister, cruel and controlling? Is it possible the Americans viewed their British controllers as a Globalist, Satanic cult?

Actually, while I’m at it, what is the difference between Colonialism and modern-day Globalism?

There is a saying that the victors of war write history. In WWI and WWII, the allies came off as smelling like roses, while the Germans and Nazis came off as being less than human in their evil.

When the British lost the American Revolutionary War, if they lost all control and influence over America, how is it they were able to control the narrative of the war? In other words, If America won the war and gained complete independence from England, why don’t our history books really play up how evil England really was? Instead, we get the expensive tea narrative.

Pre-American Revolutionary War, England didn’t allow Americans to manufacture anything. Big or small, for domestic use or export, Americans were forbidden to manufacture finished goods of any kind. Americans, especially in the South, could produce commodities such as cotton, which would be sent to England to be manufactured into items such as clothing. These finished products would be sold to the world, including America. Seems kind of strange I never learned this in my High School American History class, unless, of course, the British Cabal control the narrative.

 After the Revolutionary War, the Brits put manufactured products on the open market at less than the cost to produce them, with the sole purpose of destroying America’s economy. The newly-created American economy couldn’t afford to compete. 

The British did something similar to the Germans following WWI: As a part of Germany’s surrender, the Brits and French put in stipulations that wouldn’t allow the Germans to be able to rebuild their economy; the Germans couldn’t export their products. Much of the country lived in complete poverty, and remember, the Kaiser was King George’s first cousin, so just imagine how he and his country would have been treated if they were 3rd cousins, twice removed. As I mentioned in my last feature, I believe the British Cabal created Communism, and I believe in the early 1990’s, they transitioned from controlling through the Soviet Union to controlling through the CCP.

 In the 1990’s, China became a new economic superpower. This occurred through creating cheap goods and selling them on the open market at prices lower than other countries such as America could produce. This created a mass exodus of American manufacturing to China. Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to what the Brits did to America immediately following the Revolutionary War?

By the way, after the attack on America’s economy, post-Revolutionary War, our early American leaders put tariffs on England. Anyone remember what Trump did to China?I believe England created Communism, and that they use and still use it to control the world. They played the Soviet Union off the US, and now they play China off the US. They change enemies and alliances the way it’s portrayed in the novel 1984. They switch things up and rewrite history, ‘memory holing’ anything that occurred the week prior that goes against their preferred narrative. 

I’ve mentioned, I believe the British Cabal created the Soviet Union. First, they used them as an ally, then an adversary. The Soviet Union has been used as a human shield, as well as a boogeyman. To a lesser extent, the US has also been thrown into the meat grinder to protect the British Cabal’s interests. During WWII, having entered the war more than two years after England, France and The Soviet Union, the US had 417k military deaths. England had 383k. France, who was invaded, only had 217k.

Again, this is even with the US entering the war 27 months later. The Soviet Union had 9 to 11 million military deaths. This means that, for every one British military death, there was 23-29 Soviet military deaths, and mind you, they were fighting on the same side. To give one perspective, in Vietnam, 1,100,000 North Vietnamese soldiers died versus 58,300 American soldiers. This means that, even with vastly superior fire power, one American died for every 19 North Vietnamese soldiers. How is it possible that so many Soviet soldiers died, unless they were sent to the slaughterhouse to die, exemplifying the true meaning of the word, ‘expendable.’ 

Getting back to Trump for a moment, do people remember when Trump did his world tour in 2017? He met with leaders of Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Turkey, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, to name several, not to mention England itself, and the Pope. People made a big deal about Trump walking in front of the Queen. Some saw this as symbolizing the British Crown no longer ruling over the US. Some may recall how bitter the Pope looked when he met with Trump and Melania. Trump later met with the leader of Brazil once Bolsonaro was elected. I would argue the British Cabal has covertly or overtly controlled all of these countries for a long time, as well as the Pope.

Who again has created the alliance known as the BRICS nations? Brazil, Russia, India, China, as well as other countries wanting to align with them, like Saudi Arabia and Turkey—all countries and leaders Trump met with. I don’t know what’s going on with South Africa, whether or not they are still under British Cabal control or not. They recently had a Stadium full of people chanting, ‘kill the White farmers.’

Germany is on the edge of financial collapse. France is a mass immigration created war zone. Japan has decided to stop artificially suppressing their interest rates, which could greatly impact US and European markets. Turkey is stuck between a rock, a hard place and NATO. 

In my next article, I will go into details on the British Cabal’s creation, George Soros, and how they have used him and those like him to control America. 

For now, I will leave you with this: We know England invented globalism as we know it today; it used to be called Imperialism. I’ve argued they created Communism; they run drug trafficking and human trafficking. I’ve argued they created modern mind control and propaganda through Tavistock. I’m not arguing that they are the only ones involved in the conspiracies that plague the world, but rather that they sit at the top of the pyramid, and that the commonality the puppet masters at the top share is Satanism. 

My goal is to further connect the British Cabal where others have failed to make the connection. I refuse to accept the notion that in the late 19th, early 20th century, the UK ruled over one quarter of the world, and without being defeated, just decided to give it all up and went back to their little island in the North Sea. Unless you believe it’s a coincidence that, immediately after voluntarily giving up control of the world, Britain saw the rise of Communism worldwide.

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  1. WoW, this was very informative. I saw the good on MLK and I never knew about the bad. And I didn’t know who it was that killed him. I don’t recall the name of the man but that he did plead guilty. I was in elementary school and lived in a small town not far from Memphis. We had curfews & lockdown during that time. Quite scary to me then.

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