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Cold Open- Trumps busy calendar

Michael Patrick Leahy – Tennessee bill on offense

Georgia state senator Brandon Beach

There was fraud in Georgia

Harrison Floyd lawyer, Chris Kachouroff

BREAKING: Meta says it has disrupted a massive disinformation campaign linked to Chinese law enforcement
Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta on Tuesday said it had disrupteda disinformation campaign linked to Chinese law enforcement that the social media company described as the “largest known cross-platform covert influence operation in the world.”

Understand your role in this drama – You are the driver of action

This is a trial by fire

Shut it down!

Dave Brat

Rep. Steve Scalise says he has a very treatable blood cancer

Good news. Harrison Floyd will be released on bond.

Joe Allen – Dark Aeon is a map

Frank Gaffney – Message to McCarthy

Dave Brat –

Article Steve Bannon and Dave Brat are referring to at the moment:

Post-pandemic, world facing gloomy stew of debt, trade wars and poor productivity. Record levels of government debt, geopolitical tensions that threaten to split the global trading system, and the likely persistence of weak productivity gains may saddle the world with a slow-growth future that stunts development in some countries even before it starts.

Dave Brat- it’s not the Covid economy. It’s 70 years of decline

Nancy Mace says the thickest file is Hunter Biden’s trafficking of women for sex.

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