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OK taking it from the top (most recent posts from Just Human, who in my estimation, is the best and most accurate legal analyzer of what’s going on with Trump and the trials.) Read following posts from bottom up to follow in chronological order.

Two things: Devolution & Meadows’s attorney is an OG member of The Band.

Terwilliger is an OG Band Member 😎

IYKYK (If You Know, You Know) 😎 

‘”He is federal operations,” Meadows’ lawyer, George Terwilliger, told Jones during closing arguments at the day-long hearing, calling Meadows Trump’s “alter ego” and at one point arguing that the chief of staff’s official duties were even broader than Trump’s.’


‘Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows took the witness stand in federal court Monday in a bid to get the criminal case charging him with tampering with the 2020 presidential election results moved out of state court and, ultimately, dismissed.
Meadows spent more than three hours testifying, declaring that he took an extremely wide-ranging view of his responsibilities as chief of staff and saw that role as encompassing nearly all his actions prosecutors say amounted to corrupt pressure on Georgia officials.
If a federal judge agrees that Meadows’ actions plausibly fell within the scope of his federal duties, the case may get moved into federal court, and Meadows may be immune from the charges against him, which prosecutors brought under state law. Other defendants in the case, including Donald Trump himself, are expected to raise similar immunity arguments.
“It was a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week kind of job,” Meadows said during questioning by his lead attorney, George Terwilliger III. “It was a very broad responsibility. … I found myself on defense a lot with things coming at me from a million different directions.”
Meadows’ appearance was a gamble by his defense team, opening him to cross examination by the prosecution and locking him into a specific description of events in a way that will be difficult for him to vary from if the case goes to trial.
However, it gave Meadows a chance to try personally to persuade U.S. District Court Judge Steve C. Jones that the charges brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis following a lengthy grand jury investigation intrude on fundamental federal responsibilities.’


“I will APPEAL!”

…Among others.


Why is an anti-Putin political activists and fmr professor at a spy school trying to get people to 1) believe Prigozhin is alive, 2) that he is plotting revenge on Putin, and 3) that Putin is an unhealthy mad man intent on using nuclear weapons to “take the world with him” as he dies? 
Is it to further cement the narrative that Putin is behind the plane crash, thus deflecting blame from the West? 
Is it to manipulate remaining Wagner members in some way? 
Is it to blow Prigozhin’s cover? 
I have no idea, tbh. 
I’m willing to believe Prigozhin is alive. I’m willing to believe Putin is behind the assassination attempt. I’m also willing to believe the West and/or Ukraine is behind it. 
But I am super skeptical of fmr professors at spy schools claiming “inside sources.”

That’s all for now.

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