Rumors still alive…

On November 29, 2013, Dr. Eowyn of Fellowship of the Mind was the first to suggest that the Nesbitts were the real parents of Sasha and Malia Obama in an article he posted on his web site.

On June 14, 2015, allegations of Michelle Obama not giving birth to Malia and Sasha Obama resurfaced when an ancestry search was conducted and resulted in no matches for the Obama daughters.

As absurd as these claims are, In Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming Michelle” she explained that she utilized IVF to conceive both of her daughters. Adding to suspicions, is the fact that Malia and Sasha were allegedly delivered by the close family friend of the Obama’s, Dr. Anita Blanchard, though no public record of those deliveries exists. I have added the sources of these allegations below.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. As Artie Johnson from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In used to say “Very interesting”. Was there ever a doubt about BO and Big Mike?

  2. It’s a sin that they used these 2 girls as “props”…I feel for them. And what about the mothers/grandmothers (Obama’s) of these “famous” politicians—Pres. Clinton’s, Pres.—Obama’s, Michele Obama’s—who else—? All conveniently passed away…”dead men tell no tales”…

  3. When Obummer ran for office, I started looking for old pictures of him. While there are intimate pics of him and Michael Lavon Robinson, the earliest pics of him and “Michelle” were with both girls, the younger an infant. No pics of a pregnant Michelle, or of them with Malia as a baby.

  4. I followed Dr Eowyn for years, she was amazing. TPTB Did everything they could to destroy her. I knew then, she was over the target. I had tons of articles covering all,of,this.

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