Barbaric insanity we call “medicine”

We’re going to look back on this barbaric insanity that we call “medicine” in absolute horror in the future, hopefully in the near future and in our lifetimes. We should already find it horrific knowing what we do now about the aluminum adjuvants, neurotoxicity, and capacity for bio-distribution and persistence in the body and brain, but vaccines are still viewed as being “worth the risk” by many, even though the NIH has never studied the safety of injected aluminum into infants (FOIA Case Number 50882, and HHS Appeal No.; 19-0083-AA), nor has an adequate safety trial been completed with long term outcomes.

The baby appears to be 4-6 months old, so they’re likely getting the 2/3rd dose of DTaP, Hib, PVC, HepB, or RV, per the CDC schedule.

Let’s say it was DTaP, Hib, and Hep B. DTaP has 625mg of Aluminum, Hib 225mcg, and HepB 250mcg.

So the baby is getting over 1mg of aluminum injected into their thigh in this video within 30 seconds.

If that doctor hit a vein/artery in the thigh (very easy to do), then all that aluminum is freely flowing in the blood stream and capable of getting past the BBB to cause immense harm, maybe even autism, maybe ADHD, or some other neurological issue that they’re struggle with for life, and will likely take a medication for.

Gotta create the customers early I guess. If the doctor kept it all in muscle tissue as intended, then it’s going to distribute into lymph soon after injection and also be able to get to the brain through the glymphatic system that’s connected directly.

The lymphatic system being connected to the brain to lymph was just discovered in 2012, and has yet to be acknowledged by vaccinologists in regards to adjuvants like aluminum dispersing into lymph via intramuscular injections, and getting carried into the brain by macrophages.

Ignoring that discovery and continuing with the same ol practices of IM vaccine injections is another testament to their obscene and continued negligence against infants, which should just be considered malice by now.

I made a visualization of this insanity and barbarism.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is a horror show…if the medical industry is not killing our children they ARE maiming them…had my husband and I been fortunate to have children, we NEVER would have given any inoculations at all. And they certainly would not be in the public school system. I knew many families in Silicon Valley whose children are autistic and they blame it on a “high intelligence” factor in the parents…really??

  2. I thank God everyday that my daughter survived her childhood immunizations and is healthy! I am a nurse(retired) and used to give these immunizations if I were still practicing with this insanity, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I thought they were excessive back in the 80’s and 90’s. I saw a 2023 schedule of immunizations and I actually got physically sick! It unconscionable what “medicine” is doing!

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