Flight Attendant Rebekah Roth talks about what she learned about 9-11

Twenty-two years after the attack on America, more truth.

If you can put up with the host (Kate Dalley) constantly interrupting and interjecting the story her guest Rebekah Roth is trying to tell, this is a fascinating interview with a flight attendant who tells the story of 9-11.

Roth’s interview is separated in four parts.

Rebekah Roth Red Pills 9/11 Truth 22 years later more truth.

Check out Roth’s website too:


Fascinating, despite the host seemingly being in love of the sound of her own voice. (When I interviewed guests on my radio shows, I let the guests tell the story while I made a sandwich. — Just kidding.) But honestly, I wish Kate Dalley knew where to find the cold cuts and mayonnaise, and just let Rebekah Roth tell the story.

Get Rebekah Roth’s books. Guarantee her story won’t be constantly interrupted.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. This was fascinating! I was just thinking today after listening to some of the phone calls of people in the planes calling loved ones that audio was odd because there was no background noise? Also, how did they make a call in the air? Heck you can’t even get a good signal now when the plane is on the ground! Will now have to read Rebekah Roth’s books. She is a wealth of information on 9/11. Thank you for sharing.
    P.S. I agree there were way to many interruptions! I could listen to her talk for hours.

  2. Damn.

    I’ve known for a few years some of what Rebeka addressed … but … WOW, what I didn’t know but suspected. With what she knows she should have some serious protection — I have no question she has eyes on her. Even with her books being ‘novels’ I don’t doubt there are some inhuman monsters who are gnashing their fangs.

    Yes, Andrea, I too wish miss Dalley had made her comments beforehand instead of her obnoxious interruptions — her long commercial breaks gave her plenty of time to hear herself.

    I pray our President has known all about the three-letter intel bois and deals with them appropriately. All of those soul-less monsters must be exterminated. ALL of them. No mercy, just like they’ve shown innocent Americans.

    A century worth of U.S. History books will have to be rewritten to reflect the truth.

    I (and most everyone else) don’t know exactly when the first domino will fall but it will have to be before January 20, 2025.


  3. Just ordered the first of her books! Thanks for sharing. She ties together what most of us knew was preternatural.

  4. someone tell it straight: is this here really just to sell her books? (I’m somewhat interested but not entirely). Because there’s no link or instructions as to how to listen after that 22 minute discussion ended. Just STOP and links to buy books. In 22 minutes we learned very little.

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