While the GOP House dithers…

Our President Trump lights a fire under them with this Truth:

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Time for Action – Call to all Truther, real White Hats and Awakened….

    Greetings from Germany,

    I have been following the whole horror Show and the White Hats Plan for a very long time and I notice that among the Truthers, Patriots and in the Truth Movement, who know about various Things in the Background, it has been boiling for a long time…

    Many known Truthers from the Truthmovement and most Awakened and conscious People who follow Q and the underground War, and spiritual People, have see behind the curtain of the Matrix and are aware of the Alienagenda,
    the dark Controllers and Beyond, are now very dissatisfied with the “Plan”, the very weak White Actions and all the Promises, Speeches and Delays and the constant “Trust the Plan” and “Hold the Line” Slogans….

    Criticism is growing and many are now saying that the White-Hats mean well but have blown it.

    The White Hats should finally come out and educate the Population, because you can’t lead People out of Secrecy and be a positive role Model in the process.

    It is time for the Truthers to unite and put Pressure on the White Hats…

    Instead of discussing the Plan / the White Hats over and over again, Criticising, writing Letters and Articles about and to the White Hats, who probably don’t pay any Attention to them anyway, it would be much better if especially
    the US American Truther – YOU – networked and united and put their Followers in Front of the Pentagon and/or Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and demand immediate Action.

    A Deadline must be given and if the White Hats do not respond, ALL of the known Truther and there Followers must go out in Public.

    Loudly and uncomfortably, just as the Mass media do.

    Because how many more Letters and Writings to the White Hats are you going to write?

    If the White Hats can’t get off their Asses and really get involved, it’s absolutely Time for US finally get involved and do it now!

    There are no more Excuses to finally Act now!

    Here in the text you will find the whole story and my thoughts on it. And you will find a List of Contacts from the Trutherscene for networking and joining Forces

    Call to all Truther [PDF]
    – > https://drive.proton.me/urls/3WBSMY8PGM#3dwOA1nJV7d9

    1. What makes you or others think you have the last say on the timeline??? and/or executing the plan inherent in this 5th generation warfare?

      Issuing ultimatums to “the white hats, etc.” tells me that those who are stomping their feet impatient because things aren’t happening as fast or in the manner in which they deem appropriate or necessary need to understand Devolution and how it ties into the Military Grade information platform commonly known as “Q”.

      Many more understand that we are just beginning, and have a long way to go. Much is already underway. Operators are active. Undoing decades of corruption will take much more time than the impatient understand. They’re a lot like children who in their limited understanding, want their dessert now.

  2. Just defund all the government institutions that censor free speech! That would be a great start! It’s gone on too long, our government funding censorship!

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