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29 GOP Lawmakers Warn White House on Ukraine Aid as Zelensky Visits Washington

‘We are in receipt of your August 10, 2023 request for additional supplemental appropriations, in which you ask Congress to provide another $24 billion in security, economic, and humanitarian assistance related to the war in Ukraine.

Your request cites President Biden’s pledge that “we will stand with Ukraine as it defends its sovereignty for as long as it takes.” … PunchBowl News has received a background quote from a senior administration official stating the White House “won’t be bashful about going back to the Congress beyond the first quarter of next year.” He stated that the official “[s]tresses this [funding request] is only for [Quarter] 1.” 

These statements imply an open-ended commitment to supporting the war in Ukraine of an indeterminate nature, based on a strategy that is unclear, to achieve a goal yet to be articulated to the public or the Congress.

The American people deserve to know what their money has gone to. 

How is the counteroffensive going? 

Are the Ukrainians any closer to victory than they were 6 months ago? 

What is our strategy, and what is the president’s exit plan? 

What does the administration define as victory in Ukraine? 

What assistance has the United States provided Ukraine under Title 10? 

It would be an absurd abdication of congressional responsibility to grant this request without knowing the answers to these questions. For these reasons—and certainly until we receive answers to the questions above and others forthcoming—we oppose the additional expenditure for war in Ukraine included in your request. 



By Radiopatriot

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  1. I strongly hope *anyone* reading this has the capacity of and utilizes critical thinking that ALL MEMBERS of Congress who vote on continued ‘support’ of the Ukrainian scam are likely in on the take of the U.S. taxpayers money and *MUST* be voted out of office.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO TRANSPARENCY as to what OUR MONEY is being used for; NONE.

    They are TRAITORS and only have their OWN INTERESTS driving them.

    They NO LONGER adhere to their oath to serve their constituents — the American taxpaying citizens.

    DO NOT FORGET this when primaries begin and hold that line through the next election.



    1. As I have said many times, we are about to witness a glorious revolution, like the fall of the Berlin Wall x 100.

      It is a glorious time to be alive…

  2. Some countries have beautiful and inspiring flags, but lame national anthems (e.g., Korea).

    Other countries have beautiful and inspiring national anthems, but lame flags (e.g., France).

    The US, however has a beautiful and inspiring flag, plus a beautiful and inspiring national anthem.

    Anyone wants to fight me over this, you know where to find me.

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