Quack! Quack!

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Keep that snake in the grass away from My politics, and My Cowboy Games. He likes to plop himself in both, where he doesn’t bode well in either seats.

  2. This blubbery fat clown is a stereotypical Nooo Joisey street thug who thinks he’s a tough guy and of course he knows *everything* — just ask him. Gross and disgusting. I imagine he and that Illinois short, round tub o’ lard Pritzker are good buds, they’re made out of the same mold.

    Aside from an eye-roll I doubt he would get much of reaction from our President, who I have no question knows what kind of a city street punk Chunky is, he likely just ignores him.

    Chunky Christie has no clue, no redeemable qualities.

    Eating pizza and ice cream aren’t redeemable qualities.

    As far as Chunkies’ presidential aspirations, my guess is he hasn’t had time between pizzas to check the polls. kekz

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