Calm, cool, collected

I agree. Do you?

Despite the world going crazy, Donald Trump seems pretty calm cool, and collected— Does he not? Yes, he emphasizes that everything’s so shitty under Biden, which it is, but I get an overwhelming sense of calmness every time I see him & his smile… It’s infectious and he just makes me feel good. You?×24-litho-signed-open-edition/

By Radiopatriot

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  1. At least one is missing, if Hannity (horribly slow and not that bright), Levin, Kilmeade and Shapiro (Levin is a RINO, Kilmeade and Shapiro are never-Trumpers) deserve to be listed …

    Mike Lindell has definitely earned his place on that list.

    I take it McNaughton might be fairly recently red-pilled.

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