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Hamas attacks Israel, likely funded by Iran’s $6 billion they just got from America (thanks Biden).

Israel attacks Gaza with jet planes and bombs they got from America.

The war machine in perfect balance. 

Defense contractors always stay fat and happy when bombs are dropped, no matter from who on what.

Something seems off to me that one of the most advanced intelligence agencies in the world apparently had no idea a large scale terrorist attack was about to be mobilized against their country.

“Stand with Israel!”

“Stand with Palestine!”

The division deepens. Humans love their tribalism.

There’s corrupt assholes in Israel’s government. There’s heartless terrorizers in the Muslim world. 

And too many innocent people of every religion, race, and nationality stuck in between the power struggles.

The bloodthirst is strong on social media today

Every person and nation has a right to self-defense. 

I have no issue with Israel going after Hamas murderers.

That being said, the cult-like sentiment I’ve seen on social media today is sad.

There are people who believe all Arabs should be wiped off the map. Those who have no problem if Israel uses this war as justification to bomb every square inch of Gaza killing millions of innocent people. 

There are those classifying innocent Palestinians as evil.

There are also those spreading Israel hate, as if innocent Israelis deserve to be murdered over the corruption in their government that they have no control over. 

Humans do the darnedest things.

Zelensky be like “don’t forget my money, America!”

Biden Admin running some serious PR on the $6 Billion that Biden opened up for Iran last month.

Be interested to see how Lockheed and Raytheon stocks go from here

Are the anti-war right-wing influencers actually anti-war? Or are they only against wars that the Democrats pick out?

Somehow you become the crazy one when you don’t want to send money or tanks to anyone.

The U.S. has sent Ukraine about $135 billion.

The U.S. has sent Israel about $150 billion. 

They should be able to handle their own problems by now. 

We need focus on America’s problems.

Trump coming in as Speaker of the House and being the main voice to broker (another) Middle East peace deal would just be too epic…

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