Make the VA pay.

From DC Draino:

BREAKING: 24 year old Navy Vet discharged due to myocarditis from the Covid vaccine has just changed the nation.

6 US Senators sent letter to Dept. of Veteran Affairs investigating why they’re denying disability claims for C19 vax injuries.

All of this started b/c a follower came up to me in the gym and told me his story I posted about it, Senator @marcorubio’s staff reached out to help, and now nationwide policies are being changed so that *every* Veteran can be compensated for their vaccine injuries.

Social media has its flaws, but it can sometimes be a powerful weapon for change.

This fight is far from over though. We can’t go back in time to stop these mandatory injections, but we can absolutely pay our Veterans who were injured by them. I won’t stop until these systemic changes are made.

Thank you Senators





@tedcruz and Mike Braun for your advocacy


Sept. 22 — Working out at the gym this morning and a follower came up to say hi. He served in the Navy, is now 24 years old, and a very fit guy.

Told me they forced him to take Moderna – he resisted but didn’t want to get discharged so he complied. Got myocarditis. Navy discharged him anyway b/c his heart is so damaged.

He’s applying for VA disability benefits and he said they’re pushing back on his vax injury saying it’s “not service related.”


This is the most heartbreaking and infuriating story I’ve heard in a long time. Not only have thousands of soldiers been severely injured by Biden’s unnecessary vax mandates, but now the VA is playing games with their livelihoods.

Seeing the heartbreak in this guy’s eyes changed me.

I’ll make this a core issue going into 2024 and beyond.

We can’t un-inject these brave Americans, but we can certainly pay them for their injuries acquired against their will in service of our country

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is such despicable conduct from our traitorous government and thanks so much for posting this. Unconscionable.

  2. Of all the atrocities in this current messed up world, THIS is the one that really got my ire going full rage. It’s one of the first things my mama taught me: “it’s your mess, you clean it up.” I wish all vaccine injuries could be reversed, but that isn’t realistic. The very least those who required the vax can do is to try to compensate. That goes for employers, hospitals, military, schools, whomever.

    1. Would like to claim this as mine, but as noted at the very top, this was written by D.C. Draino, also known as Rogan O’Handley • Patriot • Lawyer • Exposing Corruption on Both Sides •

  3. It’s good to see *any* activity that Veterans truly benefit from and not some ‘feel-good’ fluff for the initiators. Hopefully that’s what this is, but I’m cautious because it’s put together by six RINOs, five who are never-Trumpers. I’m not sure about Cruz.

    They have no skin in the game. They wrote a letter. Let’s see where it goes, why don’t we. Follow it and find out.

    Fellow service members and veterans *earned* health care after signing their body and soul over to the government to do with what they wanted.

    There is no “Bill of Rights” when one ‘belongs’ to the military. Instead we get the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Thus the discharges for not following the orders of illegitimate imposter puppet “CiC” O’BumDumb.

    For some reason I’ve never gotten one valid response for why it is veterans DO NOT get dental care, with the exception of service-related disabilities and, though it might have changed, combat activity. I’d appreciate to hear the ‘logic’.

    So I guess we can get jabbed with an experimental toxic ‘not-a-vaccine-because-it-doesn’t-prevent-the-‘disease” substance “to save our lives and others” but our teeth can break, rot and fall out.

    Got it.

    I sure as heck hope it’s sincere and they follow through … but not holding my breath.

    Semper Fidelis

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