He was hearing voices

This professor bounces sound waves carrying music that can not be heard out loud but can be heard inside your head.  

This experiment was carried out at a college and I believe he played a Eagle’s song.

Look at the students’ reactions. 

If a college professor can do this with a few hundred dollars, don’t tell me our government isn’t capable of activating mentally broken people to carry out heinous acts.

“Voice of God” ring a bell?

From Woke Societies via Midnight Rider Channel at Telegram


AP – Maine shooting suspect at large

The suspect in a Wednesday night mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, that left at least 18 people dead and 13 wounded, is still at large. The suspect, identified as Robert Card, 40, opened fire at a bowling alley Wednesday night during a children’s bowling league.

He then traveled to a nearby restaurant, where he again began shooting.  He then escaped, sparking a multistate manhunt on land and water, with more than 100 federal and local investigators involved, according to The Hill’s Sarah Fortinsky.  

Following the shootings Wednesday night, local police advised residents to shelter in place, warning that the suspect was “considered armed and dangerous” and not to approach him. 

Card, an Army Reservist, underwent a mental health evaluation at a psychiatric facility earlier this year after he “began acting erratically during training,” according to The Associated Press.

His family also claimed that his mental health had started to deteriorate lately and that he was hearing voices, according to NBC

Police have issued a warrant for Card’s arrest on eight counts of murder.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Call it MKULTRA or Brain invaders via GWEN Towers, frequencies can get inside your head. Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theories years ago, episode called Brain Invaders showed the many people who were affected by this. They were outspoken people who may have pissed off some elite Ahole, then suffered the consequences of Big Bro! I have a personal friend who was affected and then died of brain lesions from the frequencies.

  2. I smell a rat … or, rather, I smell the Criminals In Action.

    Every. Single. Animal who was at a GM pay grade from *the beginning* to the current heads should be charged for Crimes Against Humanity, convicted and executed.

    I genuinely hope their names are on some of those 300,000+ indictments that Huber is holding.

    As JFK had planned that agency should be broken into thousands of pieces.

  3. Major flags missed by “some” people. Hearing voices? Yea, that’s not good. Did anyone know if he was doing any drugs?

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