A conversation with my grand daughter

She’s 28, married, a professional (nurse), loves the outdoors, and is raising three dogs and two cats, and looks forward to starting a family. She’s my first grandchild, and from the moment she made her arrival, I loved her beyond words. I still do.

We texted each other today as she waited to board a flight to visit her sister, another beautiful young woman, single, also an RN. Merely 19 months difference between them, they grew up close to one another, yet different personality-wise. They were adorable together then as they are now. And they own my heart.

I thought I’d share portions of our text conversation with you, patriot friends. I think as you read it, you’ll see that she, of the millennial generation, gives me optimism and hope for the future.

Granddaughter and “fam”

Her: ... Also I might be pregnant then too.
Planning on it next summer ☺️

The puppies are ready for winter 🥰. When I do get pregnant I’m gonna have them all wear shirts that say “Up next is a real baby!” Or something like “Sibling Upgrade.”

J and I will have our hands full but I’m so excited for that next chapter.

Me: You’ll breeze through it. Honestly. You’ve had some great training bringing up those pups, sacrificing yourself for them, etc. Patience, etc. You’re going to make terrific parents!

Does it matter to you if the first born is a boy or a girl?

Her: Not at all 🥰
Just a healthy baby

Me: I pray that you will, despite the “vax” you were forced to take. Praying it was from a placebo batch.
You’re feeling great, right? No female complications?

Her: None 🙂

Also I heard about the shooting in Lewiston Maine yesterday
I’m so disturbed
Is that close to where you are at?
At a bowling alley too

Me: We’re about 150 miles north

Her: Oh thank goodness
Apparently the shooter is still at large

Me: He is. I think he was being controlled by the CIA. This is what they do.

Her: What?!?!
How and why??

Me: Stir up chaos to distract people and scare them

Her: People are saying similar things in the comments. Legit everyone is saying what you just said

Me: Yes that’s also part of it

Me: I’ll send you what I posted.
Here you go….

Her: Oh wow
I mean it makes sense
And doesn’t surprise me what the government would do
The gov doing things for the “greater good”
It’s rare that they don’t catch the shooter the same day too
That’s suspicious in itself

Me: Especially the black hat corruptocrats who are panicked because they now realize the game’s over and they have lost. Just a matter of time. But we know they will burn this mother down if they think they’re losing — the BIG SCARE has yet to come.

Her: Yup that makes sense to me

Me: There’s so much yet to be revealed about what many in our government have done. They don’t love our country. They’re marxists and islamists and Chinese communists. We have people in charge who were illegally elected who are so compromised, they’re controlled by our enemies.

And thus, they’re selling our country to the enemy – millions of military aged men have been allowed to(invited) pour over our border. They’re the enemy inside the wire.

They’re just waiting for a signal to take to the streets and commit heinous crimes, worse than we’re seeing.

I’m glad you and J are handling weapons like pros. I hope you own some and have them where they’re accessible in your home/car. And that you’ll never have to use them to defend yourselves.

It’s going to get worse. It has to for the rest of the world to wake up and realize the danger we’re all in. Nuclear danger. But I believe Trump when he says he can end it all. He can. It’s already a done deal. It’s why he traveled all over the world meeting with heads of state when he was first elected.

There are many nations who are cooperating with Trump and his team.

I am confident that we’re going to come out of this OK, but some won’t, like the poor folks who were shot to death last night. This is a war we are in, and there are always casualties. I just pray none of us are among them.

I don’t believe it will come to this. Trump and his new world alliance will make peace before hand.

A friend texted: “Be sure to have some potassium iodide in your medicine cabinet, just in case. This might be valuable info should things get out of control.”


So have I scared you? If I have, please try to stay calm about it. People on our side already know what the enemies are planning, and have contingencies in place to prevent them from destroying us, whether in our cities or otherwise.

Admiral Mike Rogers, head of NSA (Nat’l Security), told Trump in 2015 he was being surveilled by Obama etc. Our military intelligence has more power than the FBI, CIA, NSA. Trump, as commander in chief has control over the US Marines who report directly to him, and in a national emergency, can/will call up the National Guard to protect our cities and round up the terrorists/enemies. It’s all been planned.

When I first stated reading the Q messages (info warfare), many of us struggled to decode the messages which had to be somewhat oblique because Q was pointing us to research info that was somewhat classified. In other words, Q couldn’t come right out with national security secrets. We had to dig to find out what Q wanted us to know. Eventually and even more so now as five years have passed, I/we understand what Q was telling us. Just read the headlines. Watch what Congress is/isn’t doing to protect our border, etc. There are fellow citizens who are much smarter than me who have unraveled much of what Q was hinting at, and Trump confirms it with things he’s telling us. Our country has been/is in serious peril. Our so-called “leaders” have sold our assets to the enemies who hate us and want us dead. Those “leaders” are corrupt, dirty, and compromised, and will do whatever their masters tell them in effort to not be exposed and held to account.

The word “leaders” is a huge misnomer. They are our employees, elected by us to represent our interests (and our country’s interests). They are not our leaders. Never were. Never will be. But my generation and subsequent generations got lazy and apathetic and let the hounds of hell run free using our tax money to trade with the enemies. Shame on us. Shame.

BUT! We now have a chance to fix it so that you and your children will grow up in a country that abides by the law /Constitution. There isn’t much time left to get the job done, but I trust Trump, I trust he loves our country, and he stepped in as president at the behest of those patriots who saw what was happening and knew we were dead on arrival if Hillary got in.

It’s a lot more complex/complicated, and will fill history books for a long time. Hell, books are already being written. My website could be among them. !!!

You’re probably on the plane by now, and you’ll read this later. I love you and pray you have a safe trip. Give my love to S and hugs to you both.

Her: Thank you grandma, love you!!! And no you haven’t scared me, unfortunately none of this surprises me.
The school shootings horrify me the most.

Me: That’s on purpose

Her: J and I already decided we are going to homeschool our kids.

We refuse to let them be brainwashed in the government system
Or (target) practice for shootings. They will be safe at home with us.

About to board. love you!

I love you too, sweet girl. ❤️

By Radiopatriot

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