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Hard to read bombshell account of FBI’s coverup of Biden corruption in 2020 without connecting to Whitmer fednapping. Two days after key call with top FBI associates discussing the case and evidence Biden lied—and risk of it becoming public—FBI arrested Whitmer fednappers:

Baltimore FBI field office very involved in Whitmer, tracking one target, Barry Croft. When arrests were announced to great fanfare on Oct 8, 2020 Biden made the fednapping plot a campaign theme and blamed Trump. Media compliantly followed suit to help bury laptop coverage.

I keep contrasting dates with Whitmer timeline. In August, when FBI agent Brian Auten claimed Hunter Biden coverage was foreign disinformation, FBI accelerated Whitmer hoax by introducing another FBI undercover agent to entrap the group. All roads related to 2020 election interference and Biden crime family cover up lead to Whitmer fednapping. https://grassley.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/grassley_to_justice_deptfbi1023followup.pdf

NEW: Looks like Trump is ready to turn the tables on DOJ/intelligence community for foreign interference in 2016 and 2020 elections in Jan 6 case.

Much more at the following link:

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  1. HOLY WOW!!

    Julies’ tweets are *GOLDEN*.

    Why is it I’m ‘suspended’ from that libturd slug-infested site? I had maybe 700 ‘followers’, give or take a few. I say truthful statements, but *dayum*. I keep thinking some 20-something didn’t get their THC gummies from the safe room at twatty HQ and they went on a rampage with its’ *suspend* button.

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