The Question: Is this why Trump calls her “Peek-a-boo”?

Karma Patriot at Spitballers writes:

“I sooooo wanna post a pic I saw on Twitter/X today…..but it’s vulgar. And have ZERO idea if it’s just a meme or legit.

Yes or no??? That is the question.”

CincyRichieRich responds:

“I am finished eating but if it’s a naked guy I’d rather pass LOL”

Karma Patriot:

“It might be worse 🫣

Has to do with peek a boo AG”


“Go ahead and post it I’m fine with it. Perhaps a button on her blazer busted LOL”

Karma Patriot:

“Y’all have probably all seen it & I’m just late to the game…..but the theory it drops as to why Trump might possibly call her “peek a boo” James makes it seem legit.

You can’t unsee it 🫣🤭

Feel free to nuke it!”

Quinn Dixsept:

“Where did you find this?  If this is why he calls her peek a boo it’s hilarious. Lol”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. OMG! She’s after DJT because he’s seen these pics (if they are real) and that’s why he calls her “peek-a-boo”…and the judge in this travesty of justice has posted shirtless pics of himself…? What a bunch of sick-o’s in our justice system…oh and let’s not forget bath house Barry.

  2. There is a difference between wisdom and intelligence;

    between being professional and being a professional;

    between brown bags and barf bags.

  3. Nah. It’s a pass here.

    No one should be surprised.

    I’d tell he to keep her day job … but that won’t work after she’s disbarred.

    New Yorkistans’ finest, just like the Empires’ ex-cop grifter mayor. That massive private donation he got was hushed-up quick, dinnit.

    That reminds me of the notorious District of Criminals mayor Marion Barry … ‘cocaine Barry’.

    We need our President back.

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