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HUNDREDS of secret reports show how @DHSgov’s @CISAgov, The GEC (@StateDept), @Stanford and others worked together to censor AMERICANS before the 2020 election, including true information, jokes, and opinions.


The federal government, disinformation “experts” at universities, Big Tech, and others worked together through the Election Integrity Partnership to monitor & censor Americans’ speech. 

According to one EIP member, the EIP was created “at the request of CISA.”

The head of the EIP also said that EIP was created after “working on some monitoring ideas with CISA.” 

Here’s how it worked:

-EIP “stakeholders” (including the federal gov’t) would submit misinformation reports

-EIP would “analyze” the report and find similar content across platforms

-EIP would submit the report to Big Tech, often with a recommendation on how to censor

.@JudiciaryGOP & @Weaponization obtained these nonpublic documents and information from @Stanford only after the threat of contempt.

You can read all the details in the report here:…

Who was targeted? Americans of all political stripes, but especially conservatives: 


And it didn’t stop there, here are some more accounts that were targeted:


What speech was targeted for censorship?

-True information
-Political opinions

Here are a few examples: 

Here are a few more examples: 

Who did we miss? Did you have a social media post that was targeted by the EIP?

It’s clear why @Stanford tried only produced these after @JudiciaryGOP and @Weaponization threatened contempt.


The American people deserve to know if they were targeted by their own government and so-called “disinformation” experts.

The Committee is making the data from these reports publicly available here:

As always, more to come. 

Read our report here: 

Stay tuned……

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. Guess we might see a HUGE drop in Big Tech donations to Jim Jordan, huh.

    This is where Jordan drops the friggin’ ball, which is what he does.

    Will Jordan try to save his ass by following up and OFFICIALLY recommending charges by … wait for it … the Dept of Injustice?

    Gee, looks like RINO Newt was sacrificed. THAT was a weak bluff. kek


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