When I traveled in the autumn of 2012 with the “Rebuild America Defeat Obama Tour,” organized by the Campaign to Defeat Obama PAC, our focus was rallying conservative voters in the desperately needed swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio. The tour, originally planned to be a nationwide swing in support of the Romney/Ryan ticket, was narrowed down to the states where we thought our efforts could make a difference. We eventually narrowed the tour down to Michigan, a key state, spending several weeks there.

Fast forward: As I’m writing this post, I searched my blog and photo archives and found a piece I wrote as we were nearing the end of our two-months-long marathon tour… at the point when our bus and our team were running on fumes to get to the election day finish line.

“Riding Shotgun.”   Reading it now seven years later (!!!) it is hilariously funny. It reminded me of how hard we worked to defeat Obama.

Anyway… Today’s news that former US Rep. Pete Hoekstra might be under consideration for the Director of National Intelligence post reminded me of time we spent getting to know him while on touring Michigan.  My take was that he “got” that our country was in bad shape, and was hoping to get back to Washington, this time as a US Senator, to steer it back to sanity.

On October 7, 2012, we met him for the first time in Lansing, where we posed with him in front of the State House.


Pictured above: Tour entertainer Diana Nagy, Hoekstra, Andrea, and tour speaker Elizabeth Letchworth.

As I mentioned, this morning I learned that Pete is being considered for the DNI post.  Rumor? Dunno. (You know how these things “leak.”) According to Hot Air/WSJ, Hoekstra is one of the three candidates POTUS said he’d spend the weekend considering to nominate as the next Director of National Intelligence.


We’ll see.  Further digging required.


Meanwhile, more pics from my archives…


IMG_6747 11715878-standard 2


Hoekstra and singer/writer/author Lloyd Marcus. Behind them stands an empty solar energy panel manufacturing plant, one of Obama’s spectacular failures in his “Shovel Ready” multi-billion dollar projects.