Everything Obama and Biden do reveals their true (evil) agenda to the world.

From Q Post 4636:

They are being forced into the light for all to see.” — Q

Anonymous Patriot:
“Joe Biden had 11 million people tune in to his first joint address. President Trump had 47 million. Yet they want us to believe the basement-dweller received the most votes of any President in history.”

The people are awake.


Part of the Q mission was to wake up enough of us to where we would learn how to fight back and combat [them] for ourselves. Q was never going to accomplish everything nor did they need to. We the people have the power and we are the majority.
With the knowledge that God wins we can bring victory into each role we are called to play and bring Babylon to it’s knees.”
— PepeLivesMatter – TELEGRAM


JUST IN – Ratings are in: 11.6 million people watched Biden’s speech last night. 48 million people watched Trump’s first State Of The Union address. Trump’s lowest was at 37 million.

For those who missed it, here are some highlights from last night’s production. (H/T GhostEzra)

What is that black figure in the back?