…posted this re: the ARIZONA ELECTION FRAUD:

Audit Liaison Ken Bennett🇺🇸Responds to SoS Katie Hobbs

“With all due respect, [your letter] reads like a political press release calculated to undermine a process that you have opposed since its inception. You will surely recall that when the audit was in the planning stages, the Senates representatives extended invitations to you and your fellow Democrats to collaborate in the formulation of audit procedures, which you rebuffed. My first act as the Senate Liaison was to reach out to the AZ Democratic Party to ask for a Democrat Co-Liaison to work beside me throughout the audit, which was rejected 3 times. … Needless to say, these rejections detract from the credibility of your professed interest in the conduct of the audit.

“Your decision to wait to send your letter until right after signing your settlement agreement demonstrates a degree of bad faith. You clearly had these concerns before signing the settlement agreement, and you could have raised them with us or incorporated them into the agreement before releasing your claims. Pursuant to Sections 2 and 3 of the Settlement Agreement, inter alia, you agreed to release all claims advanced in the litigation, including your claims that the auditor’s policies are legally inadequate or not “consistent with state and federal statutory and constitutional law and the EPM, including with respect to the security and integrity of ballots and election equipment.” (See Motion to Intervene filed on April 28th, 2021, page 8, inter alia.) Therefore, to the extent that you still question the adequacy of the auditor’s policies, you have released those claims; and to the extent that your letter implies that you intend to take any further legal action on that basis, you are in breach of the Settlement Agreement.


“As to your other concerns of risk, confusion, errors, and disregard of best practices, I suggest that these are opinions of your observers, with which I respectfully disagree. You have personally referred to this audit as a “Fraudit”, which confirms a bias and, therefore, lack of credibility far beyond the lack of credibility you assert. I can only believe that your bias is being

transmitted through the observers you send. Still, we welcome them and their input on how to make the audit successful.”