How do you distinguish a fully vaccinated person from an unvaccinated person?

Ask them who the president is…

OK, let’s get serious.

Tim Swain🚨BREAKING🚨John Sullivan, an Antifa/BLM activist, charged with 8 criminal counts and has $90,000 seized that he received from CNN/NBC News for 1/6 footage. -Reuters

BRIAN CATES – OK it appears this is verified. Reuters is reporting Sullivan has been arrested and the $90,000 he got paid from CNN/NBC has been seized as evidence.

So in the past week new footage was released that showed Capitol Police letting the demonstrators into the building [which doesn’t of course excuse any of the violence OUTSIDE the building, knocking down/throwing stuff at cops, etc.] and now Sullivan has been arrested and hit with 8 criminal counts and his blood money seized.

But we already know at this point who instigated the violence outside the building: extremist groups like the Oath Keepers using a MAGA rally for a planned attack.

That narrative that an ‘armed insurgency’ ‘stormed’ inside the Capitol Building was always incoherent.  They manufactured it to justify a second impeachment of a President who had already left office. The truth already came out about the extremist groups using the MAGA crowd for cover.

“According to media reports, Sullivan participated in Black Lives Matter protests last year. Other Black Lives Matter activists in his home state have disavowed him.”  They can disavow him all they want. He was there, he attended and the videos and photos prove it.

Ok you think he’s talking out of his ass here or would he know something?


💥 I’ve known that they were going to highjack this election since 2018 . I know what’s in the Durham Report…


BRIAN CATES: “Papadopoulos is now also talking about the Durham report.

Every Special Counsel ends their investigation by preparing a final summary report for the Attorney General.  So yes, Durham will issue a report when he’s done.  Whenever that is.

The real question is, how many more indictments does Durham make before he reaches that point? That’s what we’re waiting to find out.

We’ll also have to wait and see how much, if any, of Durham’s report is released to the public by Merrick Garland.”