I sometimes forget the information/knowledge I’ve read on the Q posts. There is SO much of it.

This morning I was reminded of one of the earliest Q “drops” – this from Nov. 17, 2018 which pretty much lays out the whole picture of what our country has experienced over the past century.

The post’s content was written as a comment by an Anon. It was then posted by Q, taken to mean the Anon’s assessment was correct. Basically what the anon was proposing was the sequence of events that brought our country to where we are now:

Titanic sinking in 1912 – John Jacob Astor drowns/ anti-Federal Reserve

The Rothschilds screw America by making our money worthless

Which led to the Crash of 1929

Which brought on BIG Government (FDR and the Great Depression)

World War II ends Great Depression and creates the CIA

CIA/FBI (government agencies) blackmail /control

Mockingbird Media in cahoots /controlled by CIA

Country moved (forced) hard left

Population controlled (“puppets”)by government/media/cultural institutions

JFK/Reagan/Trump try to “right the ship”

JFK eliminated/Reagan effective but outrunned by term limits

Lessons learned. Plans put in place to right the ship with Trump selected to helm the storm

All happening within past 100+ years