Following up on my post of May 17th re: Monkeywerx’ observation of cluster surveillance aircraft and Google balloons over North Carolina, here’s new information, and it might surprise you.

But first, in case you missed it:

MonkeyWerx  | Smoking GUN | Small Commercial Aircraft operated by the US Department of Homeland Security | RECON of US Citizens. | They were tracked over Maricopa County during the election and during the audit using this small Commercial Aircraft 

DRTbox & Stingray Data Transfer & RECON Equipment

Full Segment in Comments MUST see to get the full picture / context. 

(Hat Tip/ The Real Kim Shady Channel who provided the 5-minute Monkeywerx video you can/should watch at the link above.)

To update you, Monkeywerx matched the headlines with the unusual surveillance: