Unpopular opinion: (Posted by Praying Medic on TELEGRAM)

Many people are sick of watching elected officials break the law and not be held accountable.

The frustration is understandable.

However, we are not yet at the prosecution phase of the operation. We’re still in the public information phase.

Half the citizenry are still unaware of the nature and depth of public corruption.

AZ Senate President Karen Fann is doing a marvelous job of forcing the Maricopa Board of Supervisors (and other bad actors) into the public spotlight and compelling them to make statements on the record that allow normies to see for themselves what is happening. (Although the Board of Supervisors won’t be at today’s hearing, their press conference yesterday served the same purpose.)

Before elected officials are prosecuted, it’s wise to awaken the public to the realities of corruption so they will support prosecutorial decisions.