“Imagine hiring a criminal defense lawyer but also telling everyone you definitely did nothing wrong. 😂🍿

Their panic is delicious. ” — PEPE LIVES MATTER, TELEGRAM

“Talk about panic – Georgia hires top notch criminal defense lawyers to stop the audit!” – Midnight Rider Channel, TELEGRAM


My Opinion Only

This part of the “Plan” is really, really difficult for those of us that went “all in”, especially early on (late ’17). However, this part is NOT for us!

The ONLY way to wake up the people we love is to hit them hard… right where they live. Money, jobs, open borders, inflation, stolen elections, etc. We are in WWIII; there will be pain, sacrifice and loss.

However, once we emerge victorious, we will NEVER have to regress to being mindless consumers of cabal bullsh*t!

THIS TIME is for all eternity!

More importantly, America will serve as the “light at the top of the hill” for the rest of the world to emulate! Have we not witnessed the cleansing of other governments? The arrest of foreign leaders? The rising of other “common folks” in other countries who have also awakened and had enough of the lies and treachery? Damned right we’ve seen it!

Soon, it will be time for full exposure and the return of our rightful President (and other Government servants who should have won). Once this happens, voter safeguards will be in place and America will unite. This wasn’t supposed to be an “easy ride”. But, keep one thing in mind… THE AVERAGE ANNUAL DEATHCOUNT–WORLDWIDE–HAS NOT RISEN A SINGLE BIT!

Normal, ordinary deaths are being repackaged as “COVID”. It was the cabal’s last chance to scare us into giving up our freedoms, and it damned near worked. A vast majority of citizens hunkered down, wore masks and refused to stand up. Thank God that some of us spit back at their faces!

If not for Q, we would have NEVER figured out the ruse, organized, and took a stand.

Hold the line, friends (worldwide). Let’s stay united, for together we are strong; separated we are toast.


The Mainstream media is turning on Dr. Fauci. 

Never forget that while the media glorified him as if he was a Saint, anons were telling the truth about him this entire time. 

Anons knew.

Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he put Fauci out in front for the mainstream media to idolize. 

He plays the media like a fiddle.  

They fell for it: Hook, line, and sinker.