The Globalists are trying everything possible to push their plan.

Al Gore is now pushing Biden to shutdown yet another pipeline. 

The dollar is continually losing value, soon people will really see how the Central Bank system does not benefit them. Texas is now preparing to let people to hold Bitcoin.

The Deep State is in trouble. The Patriots have been investigating the leakers since 2017, and now that the information has been released to the public, the NYT spun the story using the keyword “seized.” But this was a by-the-book investigation, following the rule of law. Coincidence that the information was released now? No, the storm is forming.

The Patriots are hitting the Deep State from all sides. This is the world’s largest sting operation. They are trapped and there is no way out.

Panic is setting in over the audits. Attorney General Merrick Garland says he will make sure the post election audits did not violate any laws.

Zero day is coming.