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Show opens with Steve Cortes, Host of Cortes and Pellegrino, talking about inflation and the Fed.



Sidney Powell on War Room.

From the Chat room:

HEAD UP: The tidal wave 🌊 of TRUTH has begun … If you haven’t noticed… 

I’m off for two days… I am watching very close… Things are already happening…  

The 2 MSM areas

about to  COLLAPSE 


1) Massive and widespread election fraud will be confirmed including foreign interference 

2) Covid was a HOAX in short

Then the rest and even MORE shocking will be revealed… People say get your popcorn, I say get your barf bag… It’s going to make you sick… 🥴🤢🤮


~ RealDeaconDavid







“Wall Street has turned into a rigged casino.” — Bannon


Commercial break — coming up next, Darren Beatty of REVOLVER to talk about the FBI’s infiltration into conservative groups related to Jan 6 incursion into the nation’s Capitol.


My piece on it — The FBI INSURRECTION — https://radiopatriot.net/2021/06/16/the-fbi-insurrection/


Darren Beattie of REVOLVER says:

Three big lies nested in the previous one:

  1. Where did Covid come from – Covid Lie and Narrative
  2. Lie about election, associated with Covid narrative as a pretext to steal election
  3. Political weaponization of security apparatus against Trump supporters.

Unindicted co-conspirators in 1/6 cases raise disturbing questions of federal foreknowledge

What’s the truth about 1/6?

The key to unlocking the answer is the question: Was 1/6 the result of an intelligence failure? OR was it an intellegence setup?

To what extent the FBI, et al counterintelligence agencies – did they infiltrate big three militia groups connected with this event?

How many – if any – are unindicted on account of a prior relationship with the federal gov as an informer or employee?

References kidnapping plot in Michigan (Gretchen Whitmer)

Was this a giant entrapment scheme by the government itself?

Why is Michigan so unusual/important that it was thwarted because of infiltrated by government undercover agents?

It included a plan to storm the Michigan State Capitol by one of the three main militia groups (the 3 Percenters). Out of 18 plotters, 5 were undercover agents. The head of Dettroit FBI filled office who oversaw the plot just days after they arrested these alleged MI plotters, Chris Wray proved him to top post in DC office where he went on to investigate the us Capitol plot.


Chatroom chatter:

CB7, [Jun 16, 2021 at 10:47:21 AM]:


BANNONNITES UNITED BANNONNITES, [Jun 16, 2021 at 10:47:22 AM]:




FreedomLover, [Jun 16, 2021 at 10:47:30 AM]:


Rick Kaiser, [Jun 16, 2021 at 10:47:31 AM]:

QUIT PINNING 1/6 on the wrong people. Where’s the Intel on Antifa’s, BLM’s, and the Boogaloo Boy’s participation? That’s the meat.

BANNONNITES UNITED BANNONNITES, [Jun 16, 2021 at 10:47:32 AM]:

Absolutely agree

Independant Pam, [Jun 16, 2021 at 10:47:34 AM]:

Recently someone told me her son was with fbi…. previously I would have said that’s great. This time I thought: better watch wat I say

Sad Times

Social T:

I’d bet Michigan was a test run for a later event to blame on Trump & supporters.

Darren Beattie:


Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ) and Matt Gaetz drafted a letter asking FBI director the very same questions I’m asking.

TELLING BANNON Audience: Demand their congressman join on to the letter. And audience can elevate this bombshell Revolver story to where it needs to be. Anyone who cares about Ashli Babbitt, the truth and this country, read this story and share it share it share it with everybody.


@DarrenJBeattie (Twitter)

Much more to come. We’re just getting started.


Next up: Raynard Jackson, founder Black Americans for a Better Future. Discussing efforts to organize the black community inundated with illegals.

Was at the wall in El Paso and lit them up when he spoke there.

Marxism in the schools – Worked with Ron DeSantis in his governor’s race… we got 17% of the Black women’s vote just based on school choice and vouchers.

realraynardJ on Twitter


Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and Jason Jones coming up in next hour.

Stay tuned!


MIKE~! Lindell on the air now.

The FRANK rally last week…huge success!

The Daily Show was out there — killers. “They were horrible.”

“Rolling Stone magazine was just as bad.”

Daily Show guys didn’t want to interview me with the crowd of 18,000 behind me. so they take me out acrsss the road by a parking lot. I was very respectful of them. I have to introduce the President who was coming on in 10-15 minutes. They started his attack – like Jimmy Kimmel on steroids.

The great Scott Hannen taped it. (about to show the vid of Lindell being interviewed by these thugs)

Going to rent a convention center and present the evidence of ballot fraud to the world. A cyber symposium – we’ll pass out the packet captures — all of our guys there, and another ring of anyone who wants to bring a forensic expert with credentials — and the next ring — all the media, government elected officials. and that will get to the Supreme Court where it will be 9-0.

It’s got the media crazed. Melting down. that’s what’s triggering them.

“It’s highly unlikely that the nets and cable will livestream this.” (Bannon)

Bannon: “We’re not letting Barr off the hook. He had access to everything you have. He was too busy selling his book.”


Coming up — the video of Mike Lindell being “interviewed” by the Daily Show.


“You have GOT to watch this video — wise guys. Trevor Noah, you’re a clown. You’re not serious.” — Bannon

They should have been forced to watch the movies. Those guys are assassins – this was a hit job. Alinsky: Mock and ridicule them. Their weapon is mockery.

Here’s what the left is fearing right now: We’re getting to the bottom of the biggest scandal in the history of this country, or the world.

You think those soy boys, are going to defeat us?

We scooped the Daily Show and we’re gonna put it out everywhere.

Lindell: He came unprepared, didn’t even bother to watch 9-0. Rolling Stone came unprepared.

Then you have on the other foot, where Fox doesn’t even show up. Our free speech, mockers and attackers, and then those who don’t even want to get involved.

I go through this all day long. I don’t have a publicist, they have my direct phone number. This is what journalism has become in this country.

Lindell was positioned with port-o-lets in the shot.

Head shakingly unbelievable…


Sidney Powell next up.


Sidney Powell:

Mail chimp just deplatformed my law firm mail account. they just can’t stand the truth, they want to depress free speech. All the mocking is fear based behavior, they don’t know what else to do so they lash out with insults…

Explained how she got involved with General Flynn. She used to be a federal prosecutor where she saw prosecutors make up crimes and hide evidence that showed people were innocent and went to prison for years. Arthur Anderson Accounting firm was innocent. They took two parts of different statutes to destroy Anderson. There was no crime there, certainly not what the government had charged them with and it took 10 years to reverse the sentence.

Andrew Weissman, Lisa Monaco…

Weissman is a psychopath (Bannon).