MJTruth shares her/his (?) choices. If you’re new to TELEGRAM or thinking of joining, here are some good folks to follow/read:

This is who I trust + God

I respect all those with different opinions, but this is mine. 



I notice there is some confusion on which accounts are legit. Also, there are those not familiar with Q. Hopefully this short breakdown helps.

Confirmed accounts on Telegram:

– Lin Wood


– General Flynn


– Sidney Powell


– Mike Lindell


– George News


– CodeMonkey 


– Don Jr.


– Donald Trump Statements (confirmed by Don Jr. when he first signed up. Maybe just for statements?)


* I also trust Donald Trump, Rudy G, Dan Scavino, & Mike Pompeo but it is not confirmed they are on TG.

Lin Wood has confirmed himself several times via video stating his TG channel name.

Lin Wood has confirmed General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell. General Flynn has confirmed himself via voice message & on CloutHub. Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn, & Mike Lindell have all shared each other’s posts. 

Sidney Powell Confirmed George News by posting their YT chat link.

George News confirmed CodeMonkey by reposting one of his posts and recently his channel.

CodeMonkey confirmed himself via Gab. CodeMonkey was the site administrator for 8kun, the image board where Q made the posts.

By the looks of it in a-lot of your comments, many of you aren’t following the confirmed TG accounts.

I have been here since the beginning and have tracked all the accounts and confirmations.

I posted the CORRECT channels in my above post. These are 100% confirmed accounts.

I don’t like to tell anyone who to unfollow. Not my place and you are all grown.

Take my word for it, don’t take my word for it. I don’t see any harm following the other accounts. Just be careful. AND DO NOT BUY ANY TRUMP COINS! 


I forgot Don Jr. is confirmed on TG. I added him to my above list.

Don Jr.


The only account that ever threw me off was when Don Jr first signed up, he put out a list of accounts to follow. One of them was this 👇 


From the looks of it, they post Trumps statements. Sometimes, before George News posts them. The account has over 1 million followers. Maybe it’s just for the statements. 

I follow them both.