Thomas Wictor (


Everybody needs to get their heads on straight about the Democrats.

They are NOT Marxists.

they are Fascists.

Under Marxism, the state controls all means of production.

Fascism is also known as “corporatism.”

The state CHOOSES WHICH CORPORATIONS will succeed, and the state controls what corporations will produce.

For whatever reason, “historians” insist on calling fascism “right wing.”

They ignore the fact that fascists HATE conservatives.

Nobody can actually agree on the definition of fascism, which is stupid.

I’ll tell you what defines fascism:

1. An autocratic leader.

2. A centralized economy.

3. Rigid social control.

4. A domineering foreign policy.

5. Military adventurism.

6. Racism.

7. Paramilitary forces that inflict violence on the population.

8. An obsession with the glories of the past.

9. Historical revisionism.

10. Changing the definitions of words.

11. Government-organized marches and rallies.

12. Demonizing of all those who oppose the system.

13. Politicizing of all institutions.

14. Nonstop propaganda.

Some people claim that nationalism is a defining characteristic of fascism, but the reality is that fascism opposes other IDEOLOGIES rather than nations.

Also the definition of nationalism has been so distorted that it’s used almost exclusively as a pejorative.

There were and are plenty of international fascist movements.

The Nazis had allies all over Europe. Hitler had a great admiration for Great Britain, which is why he initially prohibited the bombing of London.

The Nazis were more than happy to ally themselves with the imperial Japanese.

The plan was to divide the world into zones of control. Hitler had no desire to rule over the Far East.

In every way, today’s Democrats are fascists, NOT Marxists.

By continuing to think of the the Democrats as Marxists, conservatives can’t draw up an effective counterattack.

To win, you must know your enemy.

Trump is under no illusions about who he’s fighting.

The best is yet to come.