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Can you imagine the screaming conversations on the phone when the Biden administration realized that the top CCP military intelligence guy had defected to the DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY and brought with him all the evidence of who’s been taking CCP payoffs?

Shit’s getting real and people thoughtlessly dismiss what’s coming out because “Oh nothing’s gonna happen there.  Biden is President.”  Following me is going to be a rough experience if you refuse to think.

Nobody knows how anything works. I have people spending all their time all day pontificating that AG Merrick Garland shut down that federal grand jury spying on members of Congress for their leaking of classified information when he didn’t even know about it.  And now this. Biden and Blinken didn’t even know that a historic defection had occurred in which the CCP’s top military intelligence guy had defected to the DIA and brought others with him and a treasure trove of info about who’s compromised by the CCP.

Let me say it again. Maybe it will sink in for everybody this time. Back in March, at the big get together between the US diplodunks and the CCP diplodunks in Alaska, the CCP angrily demanded that the US hand Dong Jingwei over to them.  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was mystified at this request and responded by saying the USA did not have Jingwei.  BUT WE DID. The Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn’s old outfit, had Jingwei.  And nobody in the Biden administration knew about it.  Am I making myself clear here?Brian Cates

“Too bad Biden’s in charge of this” say people who can’t read.

IF Dong Jingwei has defected, there has never been a defection like this in history. This was the top guy in the CCP military intelligence totem pole.  And it’s being reported others came over with him.  The massive amount of information they would be able to give the DIA would have earthquake shattering ramifications. 


The details of Dong’s defection were set up long before he actually did it, and so the Biden administration played no role in it whatsoever.  Remember, when the CCP demanded the US hand Dong back over them in the meeting in Alaska in March, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken responded by saying the US didn’t have him. Because Blinken didn’t know – the Defense Intelligence Agency had Dong, and neither Biden nor Blinken knew about it.  Here’s Thomas Wictor breaking it down after reading my brother’s thread earlier today. 


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DIA Director Testified at the Worldwide Threat Assessment in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee on April 29th.

Pinned on my profile are my previous threads on the DIA and Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier.

I know the director of the DIA isn’t going to come out with info about a defector from our biggest threat and they aren’t going to include anything the defector has provided. However, I found it interesting to read some of his report now with the defector info coming out.

Remember, news about the spy started to come out around June 4th, so this testimony was over 1 month before that happened.

If the reporting is accurate, and Dong has been in DIA custody since Feb 10th, that means as of his testimony, they had Dong for over 2.5 months.

The DIA makes available a “Statement for the Record” found at the PDF link below. It is a synopsis of their assessment.


My observations are only relevant IF we actually have Dong as a defector. I’m extremely confident we do for a few reasons:

1. China has had every opportunity to parade him in front of cameras to squash the rumors but hasn’t done so.

2. The narrative has shifted on multiple major stories: Covid-19 origin, Fauci, even Jan 6th. (Is election theft next) The media and the dems are trying to get out ahead of the story that is about to destroy them.

Let’s dive in.

The intro to the assessment:

“”Undermine Western governments…compel economic and political outcomes in their favor”

Dong will have the specifics on how they have done this, and who they have paid off to do so.

Is helping Biden and the dems steal an election a favorable outcome for China?

The Covid-19 section

Here they say the origins to Covid remains unclear but they 100% know the origins and have proof from Dong himself.

“Disrupted political dynamics and internal stability”

LOL understatement

The China Section:

“China has consistently claimed that it has never researched, produced, or possessed biological weapons.”
Did Dong provide our DIA with contrarian information?

“The next 12 to 18 months will be extremely important for China broadly and Xi Jinping personally”

I suspect with what Dong has provided, this is an understatement.

CCP and Xi are F%*&ed

Trump has already brought up the $10T as a the number China owes the world.

Section on Foreign Intelligence:

Read the highlighted parts. Some major statements.

Our adversaries have gained access to the DOD supply chain, they have embedded IOs within commercial organizations.


Who is it again that has ownership of a CCP linked Chinese investment firm? Hunter Biden? 10% for the big guy? You mean Exploit access to our PRESIDENT?

Not to mention countless others.

Dong has it all

The media and the current administration play it off.

They want you to believe climate change and white supremacy are the number 1 threats to the USA.

Our own military leaders say otherwise.

It’s China, and they have infiltrated everything.

Now we have their head of intelligence.


I cannot overstate how massive this defector is.

Since the DIA has allowed the story to start coming out, it means we have to be approaching the beginning of the end for this Biden fantasy.

I think the AZ election audit is the first domino, and I mean that two ways. Not only will it start the domino effect of multiple other audits, it will start the domino effect of Trump’s comeback.

He told us himself.

“PT expects massive voting fraud to be uncovered after election audits are completed”

“No, I never admitted defeat. We have a lot of things happening right now”…..”I have not conceded”

“…urged everyone to stay tuned for what will come with the election audits”

“…but did hint people will be very happy with the decision he plans to make”


Think of everything Trump and our Country has gone through since announcing his campaign:

(Not a comprehensive list)

Corrupt Media


Ukraine- impeachment hoax

Covid-19 and the ensuing Election Theft

Jan 6th and 2nd impeachment

Are these all connected? Each one to remove and/or keep Trump out of office.

If the theory of some sort of Devolution is true, Trump could strike a red line through each one of these with the information Dong has provided.

The best is almost here!