GEORGE NEWS GRAPHICS accompanied the following messages, interestingly in a format similar to that used by “Q.” Hmmm…

Food for thought.

– We never mention names or dates. Are you paying attention? Last few weeks, we have mentioned a few personalities and “news” events to watch out for

– Sooner than later

– Arizona, The Start

– Biden’s state of mind, Cognitive test

– “Off Record” comments from lower press

– (sooner than you think) when the press will have no option, but to ask these questions publicly

– Dying MSM= Only a matter of time. They have to, to survive.

– Media Credential request, more than 2019 & 2020 combined. “They thirsty”


– The past five years have been great. What’s coming, WILL BE BEYOND EPIC!

– Like a thief in the night

– Everything, right now, is as it should be.

– Have you seen the F 22 Raptor II up close?

– We will finally have our I told you so Moment. Be kind. They will finally wake up.

– December Tour

– Oct 2018, non-fed Anonymous came back. Then bye bye… YT Anonymous is now state run.

– Social Media Summit. What was BORNE from that summit?