Concerned about the times we are living in ? Why? 

Let’s play out the only possible scenarios:

1. Trump and Q and Patriots are in control, guided and helped by God/Jesus, and this is a controlled demolition to wake up everyone to the satanic regime that’s been operating behind the scenes for centuries, leading us all to global slaughter and NWO. In the end, Patriots win. In the end, God wins. 

2. We were all hoodwinked into pacifying ourselves while deep state Satanists set us up to be led to slaughter and NWO. Pending doom for all patriots who resist. All of the world events suggesting we are in End Times are true and the prophecy is playing out.  This was foretold In the Bible which means Jesus is coming. God wins. If you die before then and believe in Jesus then you are also good. Life here is only temporary and it’s all about eternity with Jesus.  

So, what again are we worried about ? 

Enjoy the show !

Innocent lives have been in danger every single day for as long as you’ve been alive. You only care now because you’re aware now. What changed ? Nothing. Just you’re awareness. 

This is the point of the Great Awakening. 

Maybe next time we won’t fall asleep at the wheel.